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How are we supposed to find the information

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There have been a lot of questions about the Max Lens Release firmware, and the Gopro Staff on the forum will occasionally point users to

The problem is that this file is hard for users to fi d for themselves.

How are users meant to find this information? How are we supposed to find any information - on any of the cameras, applications or accessories? Seriously.

If we go to news to see if there is anything new that section is just full of marketing.

Going to support takes you to the entry page for the forum ( which should be in the Community section, but that section is just full of more marketing)

Going to "Helpful Articles" brings up a list of articles in no discernable order and there are no options to order the list on this page.

Even if you could order by date on this page that wouldn't help unless you know the date of the very first post because instead of putting up new information as a new article you keep editing the old article.

If I enter "Hero 10" in the search bar I get 4 pages of results for anything that contains the word Hero in it including the hero us but none of these 4 pages of results has the title "Issues To Be Resolved With November Update".

I can filter/order these results by date but that's useless unless I know the date of the original post and is of no help if I want the latest news - which should have the latest date. Its of even less help when the article isn't even in the results.

This method of announcements is slapdash and rubbish. You need to sort it out so that these kind of announcements an easily be found by users.
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Re: How are we supposed to find the information

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We appreciate the feedback, @jay-ell. We will share these with the team in charge. When searching for new updates through the support articles, the keyword "release" or "release notes" brings up Software Update Release Information which has the latest information on firmware releases and release notes as well. We also float posts as needed.