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How To Video: Access Protune (and more) Settings In Hero Session without Phone/App or Remote

After doing this accidentally I figured out an unorthodoxed method to change many advanced settings in my GoPro Hero Session without the use of the app/phone or remote control.  Even though it works it takes a lot of patience because it doesn't always end up at the menu you want.  I've attached a video since it's hard to describe.  Video example:


Step 1:  Push both buttons over and over simultaneously until "wrench" icon appears

Step 2: Change settings.


Sometimes the wrench icon takes you to the time lapse menu or the photo menu but sometimes it takes you to the video menu. You can change everything that is available in the app right from your camera. I don't have a phone or a remote so this works for me.  Maybe someone can try with the Hero5 Session.



Everyone says it isn't possible. You can access the advance settings in the GoPro Hero Session using only the camera itself. I was able to access all Protune...