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Horrible background noise Hero 5!

I have the weirdest background noise on my Go Pro Hero 5.  


It really destroyed the video I have in Africa - which is such as a shame.  Any help would be great as to why it makes so much sound in a still environment with no wind.

gopro hero 5 has a background noise issue
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Re: Horrible background noise Hero 5!

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Untitled 1.pngYour Left Ch is Lower in sound and  your right ch is HIGHER in sound. this is a Stereo  setting not  wind  if wind there be a 3rd ch.  


that noise begins then fades out then is steady throughout the clip.  Have  "You" Contacted gopro about this and have one of their experts in the editing field  figure out the noise.


No wind.


No other devices on  you or near the camera


Sometimes gps signals can interrupt by  the natural metals in the Earth or formed and laid metals like reembar. and screw things up.


So was GPS on and think that can interfere?  Did you try other settings, did  you retry taking a clip at home to replicate the problem.  I ask so others can also chime in with their own additional thoughts,


IMHO Hero 5 black has a  dish washer   or Fish bowl sound, and a easy fix is to have the  Port door properly closed all opening sealed if not you'll get a horrible audio sound, it is something we all have to get used to in this camera.  That said  my only thought is the rubber membraine on the open ports  door side is a WIND mic and air gotten pass causing that issue?


Cam not in my had that be the  lenses side or right side (correct me).


I like to hear gopro's thoughts on the forum  then to hear every time speak to a rep, so we all can be informed. a company might not want to share that info publically but  that  how it goes.


Check your audio settings been there done that.



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Re: Horrible background noise Hero 5!

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