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Re: High frame rate/HEVC files??

Hi quickhero77554, and everyone.


quickhero77554, I'm really interested in reading your post because I have a PC quite similar to yours, built in 2013, but I can't properly read any HEVC file so far (from my Hero7 Black).


my PC :

i7 4770K (3.5 Ghz)

nvidia g force GTX 770

motherboard msi z87 g45

RAM 16 G


Like your 780, my 770 GPU does not handle the H265 codec, follow below link (Geforce/Titan section) to get confirmation from Nvidia.

Beside, Intel 'officials' have answered my questions and said that 4th gen (Haswell) would not "support" HEVC as well.


I've tried to tweek all options in various players (VLC, WMP, MPC...), activating or not the hardware acceleration (obviously it would not work due to the fact that the 770 does not support the HEVC).

The best result I could get so far was obtained with Pot Player, without any hardware acceleration. When the CPU has a 80+% of usage, it's quite ok, but this % of usage does not remain constant, and as soon the usage rate passes below 60%, it stutters.


At this point I was thus considering following options : 


1 - continue trying to find the correct setting of parameters / the correct player, by asking the community (here!) - having some hope with your post!

2 - trying to overclock my CPU. I've read that the 4770K could go up to 4,2-4,5 Ghz, but I'm completely noob in that matter, and have no idea wether it would help or not

3 - buy a new GPU (I was thinking of a 6gb 1060, to get at least equal results in terms of gaming); But when reading the different posts, I understand that some are also experiencing trouble with HEVC although having compatible I'm lost.


I have 2 bonus questions :

1) can someone confirm the the setting in the "video compression" section of gopro manuel that says

"Choose HEVC (to reduce file sizes) or H.264 + HEVC (to use H.264 to maximize compatibility with older devices while using HEVC for advanced settings)"

means in fact : will record in H.264 for certain combinations of res+fps, and will record in HEVC for the most demanding combinations (such as 4K 60 fps or 1080 240fps). the "+" is confusing here! 



2) I have the CS6 version of Adobe Premiere Pro (2012) :

has anyone managed to edit HEVC file with it ? if not possible, is there any free updating solution at Adobe's / or would you the recommand to use Windows movie maker (as best option for a free of charge software)


Thanks a lot,






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Re: High frame rate/HEVC files??


anyone there ?

thx a lot :)


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Re: High frame rate/HEVC files??

You will probably be best off using handbrake for any video shot with HEVC.

Bonus questions .. answers:
1) When you are using H.264 + HEVC the following resolutions/frame rates will record in HEVC while the remaining will be h.264
4K 60 fps/50 fps
4K (4:3) 30, 24 fps/25 fps
2.7K 120 fps/100 fps
2.7K (4:3) 60 fps/50 fps
1440p 120 fps/100 fps
1080p 240 fps/200 fps
960p 240 fps/200 fps
(fps following "/" means they are PAL formats)

2) Sorry, cannot answer this, but again, convert with Handbrake.
Use proxies if needed when editing.
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Re: High frame rate/HEVC files??

thanks danielr15


I'm finally upgrading the GPU (=> 1060 6gb), because interested in gaming anyway ...I'll report on the results!

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Re: High frame rate/HEVC files??

You can buy Microsoft HEVC codec for a small fee from Windows Store. I did and it made big improvement