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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

You're lucky to have a Camera. I replaced one locally and another directly and did not have a GoPro to film with when going abroad this winter. Then I received 2 new cameras, and they where just as faulty. The story continues:

GoPro the 2nd replacement of my two Hero7 Black.


2019-05-10 Chat GoPro (not saved): Telling GoPro I still have issues. They ask me to
provide a video of the problem.

2019-05-13 Chat GoPro (Carolina): Where can I provide the video (GoPro limit is 25MB), it's
over 1 GB. YouTube is suggested by GoPro. Tried to upload private and share the
link But had to make it public for them to see.

The video is long, so Carolina will forward it to the team, and I shall receive an
update once they hear from the them. E-mail address is given. I'll need the cameras
within the 25th of may. No problem I'm told.

2019-05-16 Chat GoPro Francis: I'm askin Francis to look at my case. Since I have not heard
from Carolina.

Then it's the same all over again: Please try to observe the camera first if it will still freeze. Going through the update process all over again.(97 lines of conversation).

And I' will have to test it again before a return is accepted:
Francis: If yes, please update me via email for me to process the replacement.
Me (16.5.2019, 15:33:21): What is the E-mail address I shall use?
Francis: I will just be sending you an email and you can reply on it.

2019-05-16 Mail from Gopro: Thank you for reaching out to GoPro Support. Please observe the camera for the mean time. If freezing issue still persist, please enter your shipping address on the link below for us to begin the replacement process.

2019-05-16 Mail reply: There are still issues with both cameras.

2019-05-17 Sorry we missed your message...


2019-05-17 Chat GoPro Zyrel: After a chat The UPS shipment is prepaired.

2019-05-17 UPS office is closed (national holyday), try to order pick up over internet. UPS
requires a customer number. I'm not a customer, that's GoPro.

2019-05-17 Chat GoPro not saved: Could not provide a customer number, just a lot of
questions on which number i tried to provide UPS.

2019-05-20 Call UPS in the morning for pick up, parcel is picked up at around 1900.

2019-05-23 UPS calls to ask about which currency the value of the shipment is given in. It is in

the shipmentpapers. I Let UPS know. I start tracing the parcel.

2019-05-24 The parcel is delivered at GoPro's location 1627.

2019-06-03 Chat GoPro Cristina: Right now, I can see that your replacement orders for the two
HERO7 Black cameras are now in fulfillment and should be shipped anytime today
or tomorrow.

2019-06-04 Mail from UPS: You will receive a parcel tomorrow.

2019-06-06 Mail to UPS: What's happening (with tracking #), I was told I should receive a
parcel yesterday.

2019-06-07 Mail from UPS: Your shipment will be delivered on 2019-06-11.

Video taken during a couple of hours
Etter at GoPro ikke ville tro på den forrige videoen.
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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

I got lucky with mine, I got an exchange through the ebay seller I bought my 7 black from and the second unit it working perfectly so far (as perfectly as any GoPro that is).


Based on my experience and this thread my advice to anyone buying one is to buy it from a shop where you can check it works in person and guarantee an exchange on a short timescale should it have any issues. Or buy used where the seller can confirm it has been working properly.


Tough situation to be in.

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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

I tried that on the fist swap, had one sent to GoPro and one replaced locally. The local shop had to wait for an approval from GoPro, it did not help me that time. Now none of the serial numbers are a match to the receipts any more. So I'm stuck with GoPro. Except from when I'm filming with my other non GoPro cameras (which unfortunally isn't action cameras).
But I totally agree with the post above, keep it with the local shop. GoPro puts you through the same firmware updates again and again and....

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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

Hi guys.
I had the same problems. But ONLY when the original and very expensive mic connector was connected. It froze on all kind of occasions: while charging through the mic cable; while just being connected doing nothing but that; while turning record off; while turning cam off etc.
I removed the go pro mic connector and the problem was gone.
I have a 6 and a 7. The 6 had so many flaws and was not compatible with multiple phones i owned. The 7 has less flaws but battery life sucks when you try to make good footage so i need to charge all the time and i want a mic on the setup too. Whenever you call Helpdesk, there is the endless student with their troubleshooting steps, and always the blame on other devices, while i seriously think the flaws are mostly in go pro itself. You overprice your accessoires, and made us pay through 6 to get 7 better. With no physical help desks in Europe i am growing very irritated with the go pro business model. If you want to stay in business, get your act together please.
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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

Well, here's a thing, I received my action camera yesterday, came with about 40% charge and as soon as it was fired up prompted me to connect to the app and update the firmware, did that in about five minutes and it was all good. I had put a 32GB SanDisk Extreme card in and everything was operating as it should, stills and video captured with no freezing issues so pretty much doing what a camera should do right out of the box. Yaay. The reason this cam worked with no problems? Because it is not a GoPro Hero 7 Black, it is a DJI Osmo Action. And that my friends is all anyone needs to know, stuff like this isn't rocket science, if a company isn't listening to you then find one that does. Peace.
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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

So i went though suggestion of “remove device” off iOS device and now won’t recognize camera because it is frozen and I cannot open preferences to start pairing. I am co fused and am ready to return camera. It already had latest update so I am at a loss of what to do other than let the battery run down and try again. I am not home so no computer to download the update folder anyway. I am riding dirt trails and have. I thing to show. SIGH
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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

I have now received my third set of GoPro Hero 7 Blacks. I bought these to cover an event this summer. This will not be easy with the way they behave. They are freezing, and not responding to the remote. There annot be a QA department at this company. I waited over 10 years for an action camera that can meet my requirements. As it turns out, this camera does not yet exist, just the promise of one. There's no time for another replacement (which probably would be just as bad). Maybe I'll try a DJI, to bad that I've spent a lot on the GoPro set up.

I'll have to warn the other 1000 participants against GoPro. It's a shame, since the image quality and antishake is good. But that doesn't help when you cannot capture the moment.  My experience is like this: If you can start the camera, start your action and finnish it within 1 hour, then stop the camera you should be fine. Otherwise stay away from GoPro.

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Re: Hi my brand new hero 7 black constantly freezes after first switch on and update,

You have not been reading the posts.
I warned everybody ion this forum in December not to buy the hero 7 because of all these issues>
You didnt seem to listen if you did read it.
Now your acting as the one spreading the word.
You would have saved yourself alot o=f grief and the rest of us grief to because you sound like you want to have everyone think your the on=e that found all this out.
Well your not, I gave up on the hero 7 1 month after I recieved it, Will not upgrade my hero 5

and got 6 years out of my hero 3.


Plus Ive already recomended the DJI, Another one you didnt read and are a jiohnny come lately again.