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Hero9 no audio

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Brand new to GoPro Hero9 (my first GoPro experience) and I am already regretting it. I will be returning it as things stand. Many issues, I'll start with these:

Intermittent wifi connectivity (my wifi is perfect, so pls don't tell me it's my router)

autoupload keeps switching off,

I gave the camera a new name and the app then thought there were two of them!

video files have no audio - there does not seem to be a control for audio anywhere on the app or the camera itself

None of the initial updates seemed to install properly, restarts didn't happen. I had to power it up a few times over the course of a whole day. I am not convinced. How to return to factory settings?

My PC doesn't see the camera when connected with the cable GoPro supplied

Doesn't seem to charge properly - the led goes out while it's still only 60% charged

and on and on...what a piece of junk

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Re: Hero9 no audio

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Hello, @callthecops. The auto upload, once set will not be turned off or disabled unless the camera is reset to factory defaults. A factory reset is done on the camera following this path: Preferences > Reset > Factory Reset. 


You can delete the old record of the camera in the app. While on the app, press and hold the camera icon for the HERO9 Black and select Delete when prompted. 


When on playback mode in the camera, you can tap on the volume icon (the upper-right portion of the screen) to choose the volume level - max, min, and off. There is only audio for regular recordings. Time Lapse and TimeWarp videos do not have audio. 


It would be best to update the camera manually. The steps under Manual Update here will guide you through the process. 


Make sure that your camera is in MTP mode. To do this, go to Preferences, then Connections, then USB Connection, then MTP. This should allow the transfer of media from the camera to your computer.


Feel free to post back for any other concerns or questions that you may have.