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Re: Hero9 is it worth to buy it?

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Overall incredible rubbish.


I first time and first day order this thing but...

First this is 9th gen gopro, but still many many bug.

Suddenly dead, hang, over heat, one touch record bug (when horizontal power off and power on again, some time screen will vertical  and that record), firmware 1.22 still poor touch screen sensitivity, slightly low light will cause poor picture stability etc.

I don't understand why they made this rubbish.

Other brand insta 360 or dji may be best than gopro.

Don't waste money.

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Re: Hero9 is it worth to buy it?

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it's not worth it, based on it's price. if it was $150 cheaper (rrp), then it would be justifiable.



currently there are too many software issues- and a couple of issues that seem to be hardware (ie- not fixable)

this is my list- there are probably other issues, that i don't experience, based on my usage.



1. device likes to lock up and become unresponsive at random times. sometimes when ending/starting a recording, or while on charge/uploading. need to remove battery to fix. hopefully software. i'm using a recommended SD card and using it in sensible temperatures/humidities.


2. audio glitches (random pop/crackle sounds). i think hardware, but we'll see in the next 30 days.


3. gps- lower accuracy/signal strength- unsure if software/hardware. a firmware update is coming in the next release (Dec 2020 at this stage) currently some videos wotn have gps data at all, or it is poor accuracy and/or drops in and out.


4. overheats and shuts down when battery powered- it can't last a full battery. the best i've managed is approx 55mins. that was on a motorbike, with cold breeze constantly blowing on it (helmet mounted, 80-100kph speeds) on a 12 degree (celcuis) day. during 20-30 degree weather it turns off between 15-30 mins- this is my main issue with it's "fit for purpose" and therefore where my "is it worth it" negativity comes from.


5. doesnt work with the 3.5mm mic adapter (advertised as working) gopro seem to have stuffed up during a previous firmware update- removing functionality. they are taking AGES to get it working again. hopefully the next firmware fixes the issue.



this device is meant to be market leading- showing the other brands how it should be done. therefore justifying itself to those who think: "well my no-name branded action camera for $100 is a bit annoying in a particular area (battery life, audio quality, flaky software, video quality, pic quality, etc) and i wish it wasn't. the gopro is expensive and famous, so it mustn't have these problems..."



don't buy at RRP, consider it at the discounted/subscription price- if the above points wont annoy you. otherwsie, buy something else :(

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Re: Hero9 is it worth to buy it?

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well summarised - to add to it - scheduled capture doesn't work, there is no simple WiFi remote control option like all 6 generations before it and there are no accessories in stock whenever i check outside the ones people don't want
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Re: Hero9 is it worth to buy it?

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More I read, less I want to spend money on it. But the problem is, that I don't see any more powerful alternatives.