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Hero9 SD card and firmware update issues

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is having trouble with their new Hero9 as above?

I just purchased a hero9 which arrived yesterday. I'm having two issues, the first is the Go Pro will not update to version 1.21 firmware. I have tried via the app as follows:
Phone is transferring files to camera, camera says downloading update. Phone switched to installing update, camera stayed on downloading update and then switched to "Update Failed". The GoPro was stuck in a loop a number of times saying “downloading update”. I tried updating the firmware manually but with no success. I did a factory reset on the GoPro but that did not resolve the issue. As of the last firmware update attempt I am unable to power on the GoPro.

The second Issue is that I am getting an SD Card Error intermittently when I try to record something. I've tried 2 different SD cards but the issue remains.I Reformatted one of my SanDisk microSD cards On my windows laptop but this did not resolve the issue. I used the option to format the SD card on the GoPro but the issue remained.

Having been trying to get a hold of someone on chat since yesterday evening but I keep getting the message that operators are busy and to try again later!
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Re: Hero9 SD card and firmware update issues

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So the proper way to format a card when having issues is to format it in your windows PC, then put it in your camera, and format it again in the camera.  This is to ensure the camera sets up the card to the correct format and block size for recording.


A badly formatted card will cause issues when trying to update via the app.  Your best bet is to preform a manual update:

In this video I show you how to manually update the firmware on your GoPro. This video was made using the GoPro Hero 8 however the exact same procedure appl...
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Re: Hero9 SD card and firmware update issues

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@spirystorm05657, sorry to hear about the trouble updating your camera through the GoPro App. If the Over the Air (OTA) update fails to install, this may be due to either a wireless connectivity issue or the mobile device itself. Try to unpair the camera with your mobile device and pair the two devices again, then attempt to install the update one more time. You can also try using a different device (iOS 12 or newer / Android 7.0 or later). 


If you continue to get the same problem with the wireless update, using an SD card adapter, connect your microSD card to your computer, and follow the Manual Update instructions specified in this article:

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Re: Hero9 SD card and firmware update issues

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Thanks for the help guys, I have managed to update the firmware manually by formatting my sd card first on my pc and then on the GoPro.

Unfortunately the SD card error has happened twice with different SD cards. First with the one used above and once more with a different card. Issue resolves by powering down the GoPro, removing and reinstalling the card

Has this happened to anyone else?