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Hero9 Audio Crackling/Popping



I'm another person having audio problems. I have tried to contact support about it but when I choose the chat option it just keeps saying "All our operators are busy, try again later" and when I try the callback option it says "Invalid Captcha" even though there is no captcha on the screen. I have tried on my ipad and computer, both in Chrome and Edge. I would appreciate some way of being able to contact support.


The problem is I have crackling and popping in my audio. It doesn’t happen all the time - from what I can tell it happens most when it hasn’t been used and is cold - after a little while it then goes away. I’ve tried testing it with the RAW audio - when set to Low processing the crackling only seems to happen in the first track, however when set to High it is in both the first and second tracks. When it happens it renders the audio unusable. Have I got a defective camera that needs to be replaced? 


Any help would be appreciated. I'm quite frustrated as I went away for 3 days of vlogging and there is crackling in a lot of it. 




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Re: Hero9 Audio Crackling/Popping

Stesso problema identico con la mia, lo fa all'inizio poi sparisce dalla seconda registrazione

GoPro DEVE risolvere immediatamente il problema



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Re: Hero9 Audio Crackling/Popping

Hello, @sunsetfrog and @andregixxer. Our team is already looking into the matter. We will keep this thread posted once we have new information from them. Thanks!