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Hero8 died in cold weather

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Yesterday, was snowboarding with my Hero8 which had 82% battery.

Took a 3 minute video, and then when I next started a video, the hero 8 shut off
and wouldn’t come back on.

An hour later in came back on long enough to show 3% battery and died again.

Missed all the best footage of my trip as a result.

Really poor experience for this brand new GoPro.
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Re: Hero8 died in cold weather

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@thomasl31716 - Cold temperatures can drain Lithium batteries. As a best practice, try to keep the GoPro warm between shots. Keeping it in an interior pocket near your body heat is a great option.

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Re: Hero8 died in cold weather

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@jefft great option is to make the cam for 400+$ work if the battery is still alive!
I have the same issue. 
camera powers off when the battery has 56%+ and it's 0 C temperature outside.
Is this gopro still action cam, or vlogging BS?