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Hero8 black - time lapse video, not starting up.

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  • Hero 8 time lapse video is not working.  Will not start up.  Have tested at .5, 1, 2, 5 second intervals.   If left alone it eventually will start taking video (as in several minutes after pushing start button or using app), but no real control of when it'll start.
  • Time Lapse - Photo works
  • Time Warp works

This issue is only seen with time lapse video at all resolutions W/L


Factory reset performed - no change noticed after startup

Removed battery and re-installed - no change

Removed storage card and performed power cycle of camera - no change


Any others out there?   Is there a way to recover?   This did work initially after buying the camera, but quit working within the month of using it.   This feature is one of the most desireable for sunsets and hikes, so really don't want to lose it.


Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.



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Re: Hero8 black - time lapse video, not starting up.

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verified mine works. are you seeing the record     flashing per second, I  did  30 sec, and before a 60 sec a long time never ran into that issue. suggest manually loadfirmware, format sd card in full retry.

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Re: Hero8 black - time lapse video, not starting up.

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I have done the SD card re-format, but I have not re-installed the Firmware from scratch, just the factory reset.   I did check the version of mine, and it is the latest version of the FW according to GoPro.    Was hoping it might be a simpler fix.

Hopefully that FW re-load will be the fix.

Thanks for looking into it on yours.