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Hero8 Issues (battery, phone app and Windows 10 V01.20)

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This is my first Hero camera and I ran into few issues that I would like to confirm with current owners:


1- Battery drainage - I recorded 3 videos in 4k/24fps, 2 of them are 40 seconds and the third is 2 minutes, the rest of the usage was for around 10 minutes through the phone app and the touch screen, the battery went from 100% to 17%, wireless option was on. I recharged it and didn't use it so it shutdown after 15 minutes and in the morning I noticed it lost 10% without usage. Can someone confirm if this is normal?


2- Phone App is slow to connect, it gave me hard time when I tried to set it up as it won't connect then after reboot it connected but the phone app takes like 20 seconds to connect, the circiles keep spining then it connects normally, the camera view on the phone app is delayed but doesn't bother me unless this is not normal, can u guys confirm?


3- Windows 10 App, I spent 2-3 hours troubleshooting and I read every single solution from MTP driver to installing the windows media kit to updating the bios and drivers but that didn't make a difference, the only way to be able to access it is to connect it to an external USB hub which allows me to browse the files but the windows app doesn't see it.