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Hero8 - GoPro Plus service

I feel compelled to share the most awful customer service experience I’ve had in a long time....with GoPro. I purchased a brand new Hero8 early July this year. Our whole family had just certified to scuba dive and we were enjoying a week of dives in Key Largo Florida. We especially bought a brand new GoPro pro (our fifth over last 6 yrs) at Divers Direct in Key Largo in order to document our new underwater adventures. 


Five weeks later, this week,  we returned to Key Largo for another few days of diving. We charged our GoPro overnight and went to dive in Big Pine close to Key West. The camera worked and around a depth of 20 feet we were able to get some footage. After that it just died. 


On our way back to our Airbnb, we went to the Divers direct store where they were unable to do anything but suggested we sign up for GoPro Plus service. I did so, and despite multiple attempts was not able to get somebody to call me back, or to respond to a chat request. I called the California GoPro office multiple times as well (that evening and the next day), but it keeps hanging up on you recommending you go to the website. 


I went back to the Divers direct store the next day and explained the situation to the Store manager. He kindly filled in a repair form and took the camera back so he could deal with GoPro to resolve. An hour later as I was driving back home through Miami I get a call from GoPro asking how they can help. I explained the situation and they said t by will resolve but I need to send the physical camera back to them. I explained that the camera was back at the store and the representative said that they can’t do anything without seeing the damaged camera. I told them that I am the customer and they should be able to figure it out with their authorized retailer. The representative could still not help me and I asked for a supervisor and she kept stonewalling. I ended up hanging up in frustration. Now I’m getting emails from GoPro Plus asking for photos of the damage inside the camera (apparently the seal may have been defective and let some water in the battery compartment)..... I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with GoPro support as well as the store manager at Divers Direct. Frankly fed up, and understand there are some processes that need to be followed but this is not a customer friendly way to solve a problem. In the interim I was forced to buy another Hero8 at the same store just so I could document the “family time” which has been somewhat spoiled by this whole experience.


Some companies choose to make their customer service reps heroes and solve problems like this on the spot and quickly, other companies just drop the ball and end up with a huge dent on their brand and goodwill. I hope this is a lesson GoPro.....


PS: Kudos to JL Concepcion, Store Manager at Divers Direct Key Largo, the ONLY Hero in this story

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Re: Hero8 - GoPro Plus service

Hi @georgef1532


Sorry for any trouble caused.

So long as the camera door is closed, the HERO8 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing.

While water damage is usually not covered by the warranty, we still want to look at what happened and provide assistance.

We see that the case is opened regarding this matter, please follow up with our Support Team through