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Hero8 Black - PLEASE FIX LOOPING - It should be AN OPTION IN EVERY VIDEO MODE, not a separate mode!

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Dear GoPro Product Managers (and Engineers):



I document that looping mode needs a 10 minute interval and support for 2.7K 24fps here:  However, I'm also finding that looping does not support protune settings.  You could save me hours and hours of time if you simply viewed looping mode as an option in every video mode instead of viewing it as a different type of video mode as you do now!  Please make looping simply a checkbox on/off option with an interval setting in every mode that the camera supports. You can hide it in a deep advanced menu if you think that 90% of users won't use it.  


Looping support is not just for dashcam videos! 

My scenario is that I kayak fish, but any action sport that you film where you don't know when the action will take place is a candidate for looping.  It's much like a dashcam video on a car where you want to throw out most of what you're filming.  But when the juicy parts happen you stop the recording and want to keep only the last xx minutes of footage.  This is such a common user scenario that I'm asking you to look at it as a primary use case.  As a user I want the camera to automatically capture everything but keep only what I decide is necessary.


So why do I need ProTune settings for looping video? 

Because, I'm trying to produce a 2.7K 24fps film with footage that I match from several cameras. 


I don't want to film at 4K 30fps (the only mode the GoPro Hero8 supports currently above 2.7K) and then try to drop that down to 24fps in post processing.  As it's not an even multiple it will result in jitter throughout.  I also have multiple cameras (e.g. a DJI drone) and I want to be able to color match the footage in post.  So I want to specify the white balance to match, and I can't have the ISO and other settings moving on me throughout the scene.  So, how do you do that with a GoPro?  Like any other camera you pick your settings (ISO, White Balance, Shutter, etc.) which you provide in ProTune settings. 


As a user, it's frustrating to see the options available and know that the camera can do what you want, but then not be able to choose those options!


So How Can You Fix It?

The answer is to simply make looping an option for all video modes, not an alternate mode as it is setup currently in the menu options.  I should be able to turn looping on and select an interval, including 10 minutes which is currently missing and desperately needed, for all video modes.  Your cache file system code should be able to handle that, it's simply a "which filename do I save this block to decisions" on the disk.


How Painful is the Current Workaround?

The current workaround penalty is high!  It add up to a major productivity hit. 

  • Penalty #1 is that I must retain all footage on an sd card which limits how long I can film as I wait for the action. 
  • Penalty #2 is that I must remember to hit the highlight button as I'm filming before I stop recording the footage, to in essence mark the file as something I want to keep; note, I'm not marking the action within the file, but just the file itself. Oh, and with all the other things going on several times I forget to do this and I have to rifle through the footage in post to find the right file anyway.
  • Penalty #3 is that I must remember to start and stop recordings on small intervals in order to save space and to ensure that I can drop footage without having to review it. So I'm always thinking, ok, nothing worthwile happened in the last 10 minutes, let me stop and restart the recording so that I can throw that 10 minutes of footage out.  Sounds like looping right?
  • Penalty #4 is that I must then import all of that footage onto my mac/pc to then be able to filter the highlights via Quik and then, because Quik doesn't help with this, I must manually discover the filenames of the highlighted footage and copy only those files with highlights over to my "keep footage" folder. 

You could quite easily save me this time and hassle by fixing the looping feature.

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Re: Hero8 Black - PLEASE FIX LOOPING - It should be AN OPTION IN EVERY VIDEO MODE, not a separate mo

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