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Hero7 superview underexposed - too high contrast

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I had hero5, and I was pretty happy with the videos. I switched to hero6 and the superview was very underexposed at backlight situations. [or too high contrast]

when I switched to hero7 I was hoping to have this fixed. I was not that lucky :(

This seems to me a software issue, and not sure why it is not fixed after a buch of software versions, mainly, because this was working once on hero5 [and 4 and 3] already.


I was surfing with a friend, who had a hero5 under the very same circunstancias. [same time, same place, same mounting position]

I hope someone reads this post who can get the right people at gopro to fix it, and the answer won't be to buy hero8, because I have already upgraded from 6 to 7 hoping to get this problem fixed...


I dont have hero6 sample, but that would look the same as the hero7


Hero5 sample:



Hero7 sample:



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Re: Hero7 superview underexposed - too high contrast

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so, I am the only one with this problem? I dont think so.

please respond to the post, to make this issue visible.

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Re: Hero7 superview underexposed - too high contrast

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Hello @bravedive3136


What are the exact settings used?

Were the settings on default for both cameras?


Are the sample files shared above grabbed from a video file or is this taken as a photo?