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Hero7 multiple issues

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Having so many issues with my 7. Often won’t connect to app and live streaming fails to connect .
Reset camera to factory setting and works for a while then fails again and Camera Wi-fi does not show up in phone. Come on GoPro this is the 7 I would expect you to have got it right by now.
I’m about to return for a refund as extremely disappointed!
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Re: Hero7 multiple issues

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Hello @nickd1407


This is definitely not an experience that we would like you to have.  I see you have already attempted recommended troubleshooting steps, to no avail. Our Support team will be happy to help get the issue sorted out. Please get in touch with them through phone or chat through


Best regards, 

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Re: Hero7 multiple issues

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ditto on that.  Did you get any resolution?


Maybe 1 out of 4 attempt successful to connect to camera with goPro App.  I'm using a Galaxy Note 9.  Deleted, re-paired, changed wireless frequency, etc..  Same outcome.  


Very poor user experience right out of the box.  Forced me to download a firmware before I could even use the camera.  Had to do it on via Quik from - cause Wireless App kept losing connection.  Would be nice if you could turn it on.  Set the time.  And press record.  I could care less about cloud streaming. 


Probably going to return and continue to use my trusty GoPro3.

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Betreff: Hero7 multiple issues

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I have the same Problem , i sometimes dont see the wifi and then when i finally connected the app says there is a Problem to copy the Videos to my iPhone.
No way.. then i disconnect the Batterie and then it Works
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Betreff: Hero7 multiple issues

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One thing to check, make sure your phone does not have Wi-Fi calling enabled.