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Hero7 fast battery drain fix

In the beginning I noticed that from time to time my hero 7 black got stuck in the power off mode and drained it's baatery in less then 2 hours. After some tedting I've found the solution for my two hero 7 cameras. I use the sandisk extreme v30 cards as described by gopro, but still having issues. I've read some articles and notes that the camera is always testing the card what can cause the problem. So I have fuly formatted the sd cards 3 times using my laptop ( 3 times to be sure it is fuly erased), then inserted it again in the hero 7 and formatted it once by the camera itself. Since then no frozen camera when powered off and no battery drain in less then 2 hours. Also the battery slow drain when powered off is also much less. So to eveybody with this problem try this and reply on this topic with the results.
Greets kris
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Re: Hero7 fast battery drain fix

You're awesome, @foggybeach8632! Thank you for the inputs. Let's see how this works with other users.

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Re: Hero7 fast battery drain fix

New Card a full format, then quick format, then in the camera a format. and  every single time in the camera on a new   day shooting, making sure my work is saved before   formating,