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Hero7 black review untill now.

Tested the past weekend my new hero 7 black. These are my thoughts.


The good:

The image quality that it produces is awesome. None of the former hero camera’s makes this kind of images. Specially the HDR ( or super photo ) is awesome. It gives so much more details to your shots. The image stability when filming is great and the time warp is very handy to use.


The bad:

* Battery life: The battery always drains slowly ( about 5%/hour) when not in use.

* Complete battery drain: From time to time, when you turn off the camera, it looks like the camera does not switch off entirely. If you grab it again then after a certain time, the camera feels pretty warm and does not power on anymore. The only solution is to pull out the battery and put it back in. Now the camera powers on but with less battery life ( if it takes for about 2 hours, the battery is completely empty)

* The interface: the interface is really bad.

o Changing settings takes to long for an action camera.

Example: If you would like to change frame rate, you have to press the settings menu, in the menu à choose resolution, then in this menu choose frame rate, change the frame rate, then press the arrow back to go back to the main screen. With the former models, the frame rate was on the bottom on the main screen. Just click on the frame rate à choose framerate and done.

o On the main screen, text is too small, no remaining battery life when recording, no Wi-Fi on indication ( always have to enter the menu to see if it’s on or off)

o Swiping on the screen to change mode does not work properly. If you swipe it , it does not react all the time. On the other hand if you touch the screen by accident or put the camera in water, there is the possibility that you have changed from mode or a setting.

o Auto rotate for portrait mode. If you enable auto rotate there is the possibility that you start recording in portrait if the camera was not straight enough in the upward or downward position. The camera switches then automatically between landscape (up/down) and portrait. The auto rotate option for portrait mode should be disabled and enabled separately from the auto rotate for landscape. Example: If I go kitesurfing, I put the camera in my lines or kite. In one way the camera is up, the other way the camera points down, now with portrait mode if it is under for about 45° it starts recording in portrait.

* The touchscreen:

o I use the protective screen covers and it works fine. Swiping on the touchscreen works fine if the temperature is ok. If the temperature is getting lower, the screen does not reacts the well anymore. Changing settings then is a pain in the ass.

o The touchscreen reacts on water just the same like the hero 5 and 6. But with this new interface there is a big change (95%) that you change a setting or change mode when it get in contact with water. With the hero 5 and 6 it just activates expore mode, but it does not change it because you have to apply this change.


* What should be added:

You can change settings using the 2 buttons on the camera if you use the camera in a case ( when diving as an example). But then you have to watch the small front display. Please add the setting menu on the back LCD screen like it was on the hero4 camera’s. The front LCD screen is to small for changing settings, especially when using in low light conditions)


There is no former gopro model that can beat the quality of this camera, there is no doubt about that.

But, if you talk about reliability, this is not the preferred model yet. It’s always the question if it will power on or if it’s stuck in the “ not fully power off mode”. The hero 5 and 6 are much more stable and reliable. The interface just sucks and is not suitable for an action camera. The interfaces of the hero 5 and 6 is much user-friendly and clear. They should change it back to that interface or let people choose which interface to use. The portrait should be enabled/disabled separately from auto rotate up/down in landscape. For now I use the hero 7 most of the time, but When I go out diving or kitesurfing I will prefer to use my hero6 Because I cannot remove the battery in water when the camera is stuck.



What kind of new stuff should gopro develop?

The image quality is awesome, love it. Therefore gopro should develop a regular film camera ( sized liked the Sony PJ780), with an optical zoom between 10 and 20, with a good microphone and the image quality of the hero 7. Combined with the connectivity on the hero 7 camera’s so that you can sync them together. In this case if you want to make a shot from different angles, you just put the hero 7 on a fixed point, grab you regular camera, hit the record button ( both camera’s starts recording) and there you have 2 shots in one ( one fixed point of view, one in your handheld zoom able camera)

Price rated somewhere at 1000€

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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.

This is very good feedback and hopefully you get some great footage out of your GoPro.  Feedback is always appreciated and it's important to the continued development of the GoPro camera's.  

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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.

El problema de que la batería se descargue cuando no está en uso, me parece lo peor de todo; si no fuera por eso, estaría muy contento con la cámara.


Mi hermano tiene una cámara china y la duración de su batería es muy superior (en todo lo demás es peor, claro).


Y peor todavia, que el SAT de mi país (España) diga que no es un problema frecuente y no sepa darme una respuesta. 

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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.

Hello @arn1999. It is important to determine battery integrity to further isolate the source of trouble. If you have not done it yet, please go through the steps here . If you get a battery life that is significantly shorter than expected, there is a high chance that the battery is defective. If not, our Support team will be able to help you with the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat. 

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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.

@mariustanya , thank you for your answer.

Yo no tengo problema al usar la cámara, cuando grabo la batería dura lo esperado. El problema es que se descarga cuando la cámara está apagada.

Ya me han cambiado la cámara dos veces en la tienda, así que no creo que la batería de las tres cámaras estén mal.

Hay un problema que deben solucionar. Ya he seguido todos los consejos que un usuario puede seguir. Lo peor es que ya contacté por chat y dicen que no conocen este problema, cuando en este mismo foro se habla mucho de este asunto.

Un saludo.
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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.


Thank you so much for getting back to us @arn1999


The best path forward is to refer to our Support Team.

You may reach them by phone or chat through  

Let them know of all the troubleshooting steps taken.

Please have your camera's serial number and proof of purchase ready.




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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.

Gracias, @aragon1006 ; como yo ya dije en otro post, ya contacté con el servicio técnico de GoPro por chat y me dijeron que es normal que la batería se descargara un 10-20% al día cuando está apagada.


Creo que no es una respuesta adecuada ni correcta, y que existe un problema que deben solucionar; ya me ha pasado en tres cámaras diferentes. 

Un saludo.

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Re: Hero7 black review untill now.


Hi @arn1999

Apologies for the delay.

We have already tagged the case.

Please do a follow up with our Support Team to move forward with this concern.