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Hero7 black poor battery life with a powerbank

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Im a new owner of the Hero7 black. At first I made a FW-update over the Android-App. First tests were satisfying, giving me the expected better resolution and stabilization over my now old Hero4silver.


But since the batterylife is pretty poor on this device (I still remember the 2:30hrs on my Hero4 2014) I thought about connecting it to an external small (2500mAh) powerbank and mount this onto my helmet.


But when I tried to record a clip with a connected powerbank, the camera instantly rebooted, also at the next attempts; I tested this with another powerbank too with the same result. Only sometimes it worked, most times it did not.


I then did the manual FW-update via SD-card an did a reset of the cam, but that did not change too much. I then found out, that the powerbank I planned to use, seems to be a bit problematic with the cam. Using an older 2000 mAh one reduced the problems and with this - still at times problematic - its "handable".


But from what Ive found is, that the cam should not be completly fully charged, for the highest chances of getting a recording. Problem is, that I just cant stop flying and manipulate the cam so it has to work from the start....


Anyway: I now did another thest with the 2000mAh-powerbank, which rendered a strange result. Using the  Cam without battery gave me a 01:35hrs record time with the mentioned powerbank in 4K/60/Wide. But putting in the battery with a recharged powerbank made the recording time only 20mins longer (01.55 hrs), instead of the expected plus 45mins I get with only the battery.


Anyone got a explanation for this? Could the hot cam kill almost 50% of the battery-life? 


Overall Im only moderatly excited about my purchase. The Hero4Silver was always inproblematic to use.


The Hero7Black gets at time burning-hot, is hard to get out its skeleton-case, the batterylife is poor and the doors on the cam are a pain in the ......


The first point isnt too bad though, since Im mostly recording during flying so do have enough cooling. Concering the battery-life Ill probably go to 4K/30 to save some energy.


But  of course the resolution is better than the 1080p of the H4s and stabilization is a plus, even since my cam is helm-mounted, it dont tend to shake too much anyway.


I thought about sending it back, but decided not to. Still my gut feeling right now does not tell me, that we are going to have a happy time together. But I try to be positive since its only 10 days now, that I have the cam...