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Hero7 White won’t turn on.

Go my first ever GoPro and I wasn’t updating the GoPro via the app, the Hero7 White. Midway through updating it appears the GoPro crashed and the connection was lost with my app and the camera. Now my GoPro won’t turn on. I have tried holdin **bleep**ter button and power button and all that happens is I get the GoPro logo and a loading line that’s about half way. Then it cuts off. I have tried removing the SD card as well and none of this is working. Whenever I connect to my laptop the laptop makes the sound of something connecting but doesn’t show in the “my computer” part. I no red lights flash either. Need help I’ve been at this all day and I’m tearing my hair out.
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Re: Hero7 White won’t turn on.


Hi @jareda30203,


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Please try to manually update the camera instead. 

Here's how to do it.


Please make sure that you will format the SD card first. 

After that insert the SD card to your computer and follow the update the steps above.


Make sure sure to follow manual update steps. 




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Re: Hero7 White won’t turn on.

i have tried this but it doesn’t work due to the GoPro not turning on. The only time it shows signs of life is when I hold the shutter button and power button. It shows the GoPro logo and a small white bar.
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Re: Hero7 White won’t turn on.

Thank you for trying the recommended steps, @jareda30203. Since the issue is not resolved, let our Support team walk you through further troubleshooting. You may call or initiate a chat conversation with one of our representatives through