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Hero7 Timewarp artifacts and Auto White Balance issues?

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This is just 2 examples of issues I experienced with new GoPro Hero7.

Not sure if it's only me to experience it but:

1. TimeWarp of Sunrise - total of 8 min, recording time approx 30 minutes..... external temperature approx minus 5 degrees.

In middle of movie there appear to be some strange artifacts that ruins whole recording....Scene shown here is middle of recording... And it appears only here - not in whole scene.


2. White Balance change during scene causing snow to change color between blue / yellow / white..... in random order? 

Approx 0:45 of the movie linked.


Recorded with headmount camera.

Change of light (getting out of shadow to more bright snow never caused such issues at least on GoPro 5)


Settings for Hero 7 recording presented here were:
2,7k, SuperView, Stabilization = Auto, Protune = On, WhiteBalance = Auto, ISO - min / max = 100 - 1600.
Only difference to standard factory settings was resolution and enabling protune.

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Re: Hero7 Timewarp artifacts and Auto White Balance issues?

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Hello @hasmilton. The artifacts that you observed as shown in the video sample that you submitted is definitely not normal. If you contact our Support team, they will be able to help you with the next steps. When you reach them, they will need sample(s), camera model and version number, and information on conditions under which this occurs (e.g., how long into the recording does it present itself, only in certain temperatures, only in certain modes, etc.) You may direct Support to the video link that you provided for reference. The team's contact information is at