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Hero7 Silver External Battery Options?

I am looking for an tested external power bank and cable option that will charge the Hero7 Silver while recording. 


I have looked and looked online but get so much missinformation.  I understand this form is community driven. I also am ok with products not supported or endorsed by GoPro.   


Thank you. 

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Re: Hero7 Silver External Battery Options?

Hello @daringbeac20678. We do not have a specific brand to recommend at this time. Hub members will definitely have information to share based on their experience. We only recommend that the power bank outputs 5V, 1-2A requirement, and that the USB-C charging cable that came with the camera package be used for charging. There is more information about recommended chargers here .

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Re: Hero7 Silver External Battery Options?

Aukey and RAVPower make good powerbanks. Just to be clear on how it works though, the battery does not charge while recording with an external power. The camera will use the external power during the recording and not the battery. When the recording is stopped, the external power will go to the battery and the charging will begin. All this means is that if your camera is out of power and then you plug the powerbank in, you can record or charge, but not both simultaneously.
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Re: Hero7 Silver External Battery Options?

the gopro does not charge while recording. the DJI Osmo Action and Y4K+ does,  In order to do so you must remove the battery or leave in and only the external power sourcewill  run while having the internal  stand by.


Anker is the one to get and using your usb given to you.