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Hero7 External Mic Suggestions for Motorcycle Applications

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I spend a fair bit of time on the motorcycle and record my rides.  I am looking for suggestions about what users think work well for a similar application.


I previously had a Hero 4 which died.  With that camera it was as easy as inserting a micro-USB to 3.5 mm connection and then connected to a lapel mic with about a four foot cable.  This worked very well since I could position the external mic out of the wind and also move it on the bike if I wanted more engine sound or more exhaust sound.  This setup worked great and the micro-USB to 3.5mm adapter was only about $20, plus it was very light and easy to secure down.


Now with the Hero 7 it looks like I need GoPro's special USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter ($50) which is quite large and bulky.  I'm not too optimistic about this being secured down properly to prevent it from moving around plus putting excessive wear on the USB-C connection on the cameral.  


Then there is the need to purchase another adapter for TRRS to TRS.  Another purchase, another connection, another thing that has to be secured to the vehicle.  Let me know of you opinions, good or bad regarding what works reliably while getting rid of the wind noise.  Thanks!