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Re: Hero7 Black touch screen information

electricity is a funny thing sometimes it use a lot of battery and sometimes it don't .Not possible to compare as you do.Please not The 🙂 in The post.Have a Nice weekend
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Re: Hero7 Black touch screen information

~ 2 weeks ago I spoke with some nice lady by the GP technicall chat. I explained her about this issue......yes it is indeed......and she registered a technical I hope next firmware will be with indicators...


Lets imagine:


- no dashboard while driving

- no pc monitor while playing

- no fork to eat something.....only your hand - you can do it but like > 1000 years ago.

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Re: Hero7 Black touch screen information

Please tell us when will this be updated in the firmware

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Re: Hero7 Black touch screen information

You're assuming that it will be in a future update, or even that there will be an update at all. GoPro seldom, if at all, gives information on future updates or products. Even their own customer service and Community moderators rarely have details until they launch.
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Re: Hero7 Black touch screen information

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We asked over and over. about having this CORRECTLY  displayed.   so why not fill out htefeedback and things can really get happening, if this is  what you want.  GoPro moved the Aufi  to protunes so now if you want to  set the audio only you are forced to  use protunes then doing anything Auto.   things c hange and they change because some  person had a brain idea and it   works for some not all.