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Hero7 Black battery drain issue

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I just bought my hero 7 black and have really liked it by far, but there are a few issues that are REALLY frustrating and makes no sense.

At the moment the dumbest thing is the battery drain issue when power is off. COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE THE CAMERA TURN OFF COMPLETELY WHEN YOU PUSH THE POWER BUTTON????

After googling I realized the issue was wireless connections and while I can turn them off I want to use them when the camera is powered on. I get it, maybe a few people want to power on the camera with voice or wirelessly, but I can believe there are many who wouldn't want that, including me.

I have an idea: make the powered off wireless functions available ONLY when the USB is connected, that way it makes much more sense. Right now it is just pain in the ass. Just went out today and realized that the battery was fully drained and I have only one battery. Luckily I had a power source available.

Also the battery life isn't THAT good so it would be really smart to fix that issue. I would be happy to use powered off wireless functions WHEN I need them and that would be while the camera is connected on an external power source.

Otherwise the hero7 black is a great camera and I'll be using it alot but please FIX THIS ISSUE!
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Re: Hero7 Black battery drain issue

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Just for you I can say there is a similar threat. Me personally had the same as well and the batter life is simple sad and crap. At the end I decided to return the camera. Don’t think the money value lives up to the quality and issues