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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording



I repeated the steps and I still didn't see the "Update" folder.  Here's the link I followed:


Logon page



Download page

" "



Step1 says download the update folder.  However, when you click on it, you get "" downloaded in your Windows "Downloads" folder.  I used Peazip yesterday but today I decided to install Winzip.  I exploded this ZIP file using Winzip, still no "Update" folder.


Strange ...




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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

Nevermind, I had to pick "Extract all (to new folder)" on my tool.


Typically when I package stuff for automation, I see the fully qualified path INSIDE the zip.  Not sure how GoPro does it but

yes, there's an UPDATE folder which isn't visible when you looked at the archived file.




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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

[ Edited ]

I decided to buy a brand new Hero7 Black from, hoping the issue was only present on some cameras and that I had only been unlucky at having the issue on my first camera and the replacement camera I got under warranty.


Unfortunately, after my very first ride with this camera I experienced the same same freezing issue I originally reported on this thread when I started it back in November.


- I bought the Hero7 Black Dusk White from (item #CHDHX-702).  (Note this is the Hero7 Black camera with the Dusk White color, not the Hero7 White.)

- I used the battery that came in the box with the GoPro.  I charged it to 100% in the camera.

- I used the SD card that came for free from along with the purchase of the camera (SanDisk Extreme MicroSD 32GB, Item #ASDMC-432).

- I installed the latest firmware update (1.70) manually from the SD card.  I verified the camera showed that it was running version 1.7

- I formatted the SD card in the camera.

- I set the camera up with the same resolution, color, etc. settings as my other Hero7 Black.


I then went on a 20 minute bicycle ride with the new camera on the front and my old camera on the back.  The outside temperature was 60F.


The old camera had the freezing issue about 18 minutes into the ride, at the start of the third video file (GX030286.MP4).


The new Dusk White camera did not have the issue during the bicycle ride.  However, I decided to keep the new camera recording and it froze at the start of the fourth video file, about 27 minutes in.  The temperature inside my house was 70F.  The camera had been stationary for a few minutes when the freezing problem happened.


The behavior was the exact same as most of the other time's I've experienced the issue--the video image was frozen but the audio kept recording.  Pressing the power button caused the camera to beep once and then the screen went blank but still had a "glow" to it suggesting it still had power.  Pressing the buttons didn't do anything, and I had to take the battery out of the camera and put it back in to get it to work.  When I checked the files afterward the issue happened in the transition between files (in this case, at the start of the fourth video file, GX040002.MP4.)


To reiterate:  I had the freezing video issue during the first recording session on a brand new Hero7 Black camera purchased from with the latest firmware manually installed from an SD card, using the battery that came with the camera after it was fully charged and using the SD card that came with the camera after it had been formatted in the camera.


This is now the third Hero7 Black camera I have had, and they have all experienced the freezing issue.  It is possible I've just been unlucky and had three bad cameras.



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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

Just wanted to follow-up to my original post (from last week, pg19 on this thread?).  I said I would re-test

my GoPro7 black this Monday taking the same route to work as I did in my first post.  Surprisingly, I have

recorded about 12 to 15 videos ranging from 3 mins to 8 mins, above ground and underground (inside trains)

and inside the office without any freezing issues.  Again, the only things I changed on my camera were:


1. Manual updated to v1.7

2. Turned off GPS

3. Use Samsung EVO Select 128gb.  My older Sandisk 32Gb worked as well but I'm going to stick with 

    my Samsung

4. Made sure the battery level is > 20%


Until I experience freezing issues, I'm going to assume it has been fixed for me.   I think some of you have already tried

something similar to what I did.  Maybe I'm lucky?  I mentioned in my first post I went bought a GoPro 5 black as a backup

for my trip.  GoPro 5 works flawlessly.  I'm taking both to the trip - taking no chances.


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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

@nobledawn18575 I'm glad the issue seems to not be happening any more for you!  In my case although I have seen the issue sometimes appear in shorter videos, I more often see it in longer videos (20+ minutes in).  That's one of the challenging things about this issue--since I haven't been able to find a consistent set of things that cause it sometimes I'll think "aha, that worked!" only to have it end of freezing again.


To provide an update for me, following the recommendation earlier in this thread I once again contacted support for the Hero7 Black I'd received as a warranty replacement last year.  GoPro support again replaced this camera under warranty, and I received the new replacement yesterday.  Unfortunately this replacement also has the freezing issue even after following all of the recommended steps (reset, manual firmware update, using recommended SD cards & only GoPro batteries, etc.).


That means I've now had 4 different GoPro Hero7 Blacks, and all of them have had the issue.


- Camera #1: The first Hero7 Black I bought in October.  The issue started fairly quickly and I contacted GoPro support; they replaced the camera under warranty.

- Camera #2: This camera was the replacement that GoPro sent me for Camera #1.  I also experienced the freezing issue with this camera, so I started this forum post.

- Camera #3: Trying to reduce the number of variables and hoping I'd just been unlucky, I purchased another Hero7 Black from a couple weeks ago.  I had the freezing issue on the first bicycle ride I used Camera #3 on (after doing all of the updates, using the battery & SD card that came with the camera, etc.), and reported that here on this post as well.  Fortunately I've now been able to return this camera.

- Camera #4: Based on the earlier response from GoPro support, I once again contacted support for Camera #2 and they sent me a new camera that I received yesterday.  After resetting and making sure the camera was up to date and using the SD card GoPro had provided with Camera #3, I still saw the freezing issue.


With Camera #3 and Camera #4 I've spent probably more time than I should have trying to figure out what could be going wrong.  I started leaving the cameras recording while sitting on my counter, on my desk and in my car and then changing various settings systematically to see if I could figure out settings that would cause the issue.  Unfortunately the video still freezes often (but not always) even when the cameras are mostly stationary and in a warm environment inside (around 70F).  I've tried a lot of different settings during this attempt (e.g. GPS on and off, Protune on and off) and have yet to find a setting that consistently causes the camera to freeze or not freeze.


I thought I'd found the source of the problem at one point because when I had Protune off the camera never seemed to freeze, even after hours of recording.  I was about to report that here, but then I went on a bike ride today with Protune off, and about 50 minutes into the ride the video froze.  It's possible that Protune being off may make freezing less likely, but it doesn't completely prevent it.


So far in these stationary recording sessions at home/in the car the freezes have all happened well into the recording (typically 50 minutes in), but that could just be a coincidence.



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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

[ Edited ]

@joeyr541 I guess I'm just lucky to have my issue "resolved".   


The freezing hasn't happened again since I made those changes I listed to my GoPro7 in a prior reply.  I am testing my GoPro 5 in parallel and never experience freezing as well. I'm just wondering if all GoPro 7 are exactly identical in terms of hardware??  Obvisouly the changes I made seem to be working for me and I'm sure you folks out there already tried something similar but are still having issues.  Could it be in defect in the hardware for certain GoPro7 manufactured in the same "batch" (for the lack of a better word)?




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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

Having the same issue, using Samsung 128 EVO PLus SD cards.  Video will play for a few seconds and then freeze but audio keeps going.  This is not good, especially when you have traveled all the way back home from a destination and the footage is lost....

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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

Replacement #2 or camera number 3 in two months:


Two month old Hero 7 Black, replaced twice SO FAR. Continues to freeze,seemingly from some accelerometer issue, or firmware. GoPro, TAKE NOTICE!!!!!!