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Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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My GoPro Hero7 Black occassionally freezes when I end a recording session. When this happens I have to remove the battery and replace it to unfreeze the camera, and the last few video files (or sometimes just the last video file) from the recording session sputters to a frozen video image while the audio continues recording normally.


You can see an example of this here:


In this example, the jerkiness at the start of the video is in the original file from the camera, and then the image freezes completely about 20 seconds in.  In this example the image shows a weird "split screen" view, though today when the camera froze the frozen image is just a normal image.


The issue is with the file itself; this is not just an issue with playback on the GoPro or elsewhere.  The issue is visible when viewing it on the GoPro, when viewing the MP4 file on my computer and after uploading the video to YouTube.


I contacted GoPro support for this issue and received a replacement camera under warranty, but the first time I used the replacement camera the same issue happened.


I use QuikCapture so I normally end my recording sessions by pressing the button on the top of the camera.  When I do this normally I hear a beep followed by 7 rapid beeps and the camera shuts off.  When the problem occurs I hear the first beep, but not the remaining beeps.  The screen doesn't show anything and looks mostly black with a faint white glow.  Pressing the buttons doesn't do anything, even holding them down for 10+ seconds.  The only way to resolve this is to remove the battery, at which point the faint white glow on the screen disappears.  Whenever this happens the files always show the issue described above.


This issue is intermittent, and I have not been able to find any reproducible steps to cause it.  Sometimes everything records fine and other times I will encounter the problem.  I've had the issue with long and short recording sessions, but then had long and short recording sessions without having the issue.


I am using Samsung 128 Evo Plus SD cards (which are listed on the supported SD cards page).  I used the same SD cards for the last year in my GoPro Hero6 without an issue.  I use my Hero6 and Hero7 at the same time (to record my bicycle rides, one facing forward and one facing back) and have tried swapping SD cards between them, and continue to have this problem on the Hero7 but not the Hero6.  I format the SD cards in-camera regularly, including when moving the cards between cameras and almost always before each recording session.


This problem continues to happen even as I regularly swap SD cards and batteries.


I've updated the cameras to the latest firmware, doing a manual update of the firmware to v1.51 at the request of GoPro support.


I have noticed the problem seems to happen at the start of a video file within a recording session.  For example on today's ride I used the replacement Hero7 for the first time with a newly formatted SD card.  The first file is GX010001.MP4.  This first file and every file through GX050001.MP4 is fine, i.e. I have good footage from the first 45 minutes or so of the recording session.  The issue starts at the beginning of the file GX060001.MP4 and the entire file has this problem, as does GX070001.MP4 and GX080001.MP4 which show the same frozen image as GX060001.MP4, so I have about 20 minutes from the end of the recording session with the same frozen image but ongoing audio recording.  It appears that when the issue occurs it happens when the GoPro starts a new video file segment within a single recording session, and once this issue occurs the rest of the files will have this problem as well.


The settings I use:

- Resultion: 2.7K 4:3

- FPS: 30

- Field of View: Wide

- Video Stabilization: On

- Clip: Off

- Protune: On

- Shutter: Auto

- EV Comp: 0.0

- ISO Min: 100

- ISO Limit: 1600

- White Balance: 5500K (the issue has happened with this on auto as well I believe)

- Sharpness: High (the issue has also happened when this was Low)

- Color: GoPro Color

- Audio Protune: Off

- Audio: Wind Only

- QuikCapture: On

- GPS: On

- Video Format: NTSC

- Video Compression: Compatible (the issue has also happened with this was HEVC)


Is this a known problem and/or do any workarounds exist?

This is the GoPro Hero7 Black with the latest firmware (manually updated) and using one of the SD cards GoPro recommends. When the problem happens the video...
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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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Thank you for the feedback, @joeyr541 . Appreciate you providing details on the troubleshooting steps already performed as well as the settings when the issue/s were observed. Have you been able to observe such an issue when recording was not done via QuikCapture, or when resolution used is not 2.7K 4:3? We are bringing this to the attention of our team and we would like to gather as much information for reproduction and further testing. Thank you very much!

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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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Thank you for your response.  I have not yet tried modes other than 2.7K 4:3 or not using QuikCapture yet.  I will try these out and let you know if the problem goes away.


Also I have posted the example from the replacement camera I mentioned in the original post (GX060001.MP4) in case another example helps:

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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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Hello, the same thing happens to me, the image freezes, and it keeps recording sound, it has happened to me in 4k 60f in the other resolutions I have not tried it. I have already posted a post explaining the problem, but they have not answered me. The same is because I have put it in Spanish.
Sometimes I fail and others record well. It is a problem that does not always appear, only occasionally.

I will be attentive to see what solutions they give. Or if I have to change the camera.

a greeting.

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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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Same thing has just happened to me on my GoPro Hero7 Black (firmware recently updated). Just recorded a 39:11 minute clip today - Samsung 64 Evo card / H.264+HEVC compression/1440-60-W settings - and after the first 56s, the video frame freezes while the audio continues on. This is apparent on the GoPro itself and when I access the media files via the app on my phone - there the clip is split into multiple 8~min files, which are all frozen on that one image for their entirety bar the first one which has the 56s of working footage.

Besides obviously wanting to prevent this from happening again, I was hoping there might be some insight on if this is a corruption, a recording fault or what to see if the file could somehow be recovered. I’m on holiday and the specific experience I bought the GoPro for was the subject of this recording. I can’t really ‘try again’ as I’ll never get a chance to do it again - so will be really annoyed if the entire recording is gone.

Worth mentioning that all the other videos I’ve taken worked fine, and the other previous videos on the same card are all OK, though I tended to always use shorter clips of under 15mins. I unfortunately can’t do much trouble shooting as I’m still on holiday and don’t have a computer.

Hoping for some good news...
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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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My GoPro Hero7 white, that I literally received today is frozen after taking one night picture! I can’t turn it off, my app won’t turn it off. While shooting today it restarted maybe twice. What can I do???
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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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Hi @gwena79


What SD card are you using?

There is a required update for the HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White.

Please refer to this link


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Hero7 Black Freezes, video file shows frozen image but audio continues recording

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The same issue from the original report happened again today, this time when I was NOT using QuikCapture.  I mostly used the same settings as described in the initial post except the White Balance was Auto and the Sharpness was Low.  I was using a different SD card than I had before (a new and freshly formatted Samsung EVO Plus 256GB which is listed on GoPro's SD card page).


I turned the GoPro on at the start of a bike ride using the side button and then started recording with the top button.  A little over 20 minutes into my recording session I touched the screen and saw that on the display the image was frozen even though it was still recording, and when I pressed the top button to stop the recording the camera froze and I had to take the battery out and put it back in.


When looking at the files, as often seems to be the case the problem happened right at the start of a file--in this case the first two files (GX010020.MP4 and GX020020.MP4, a total of about 18 minutes) were fine, but the third file (GX030020.MP4) had the same problem as described before where the first few seconds show a jerky image and then the image freezes but the audio continues.


The problem is intermittent, and I did not have the problem with later recording sessions on this same bike ride with the same settings/SD card/etc., including one session that was about 35 minutes long.


Notably I continue to not have this problem with my Hero6 which I always run at the same time as the Hero7 (the Hero7 on the front of my bicycle, the Hero6 on the back).  The Hero6 has essentially the same settings where possible as the Hero7, including the resolution and stabilization.


Has there been any luck in finding the source of this problem with the Hero7 and fixing it?  As it stands now I am not willing to use my Hero7 because of the strong possibility that I'll lose the footage.