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Hero6 help with photo and video quality

Hi everyone - I am the least technical person on the planet and purchased the GoPro as a video/photo all in one for home videos since I just had a baby. I’m really disappointed with the quality of the photos, I called up customer service and adjusted a few things. The video footage also seems a bit odd to me not sure the correct terminology but it looks too ‘sharp’ something not quite right. Can anyone help me? Not sure how I upload some examples? Many Thanks
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Re: Hero6 help with photo and video quality

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Re: Hero6 help with photo and video quality

Hello @micheleh61526


Sorry to hear about the trouble. You must have been excited to capture moments with your baby. When you reply, you can click on the image icon (to the left of the numbers icon) so you can attach images on your response. It will be a great help if we will also be able to see a sample of the issue that you are describing. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Support team for a more personalized support. You mentioned that you have already called them so you can use the case number that you were given as a reference. That way, you will not have to start over again when you contact them back through


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Re: Hero6 help with photo and video quality

you load up to youtube and you  you show the url here.    for photos  you should  be simply  following hte pages post