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Hero6 did not turn off

2 days ago the camera did not turn off. It kept photographing after the drone landed and was being packed away and after it was packed away. I have hundreds of photos of the drone's rotors, my feet, my hands and the inside of the case (black) until the memory card was full and/or the camera battery died (don't know which came first). I thought that when I turned off the drone and the controller after a flight that automatically turned off the camera too. 


Also: trying to take taking single still photos I wound up with a dozen or so duplicates of each. Was I holding down the button with the red circle too long? 


Is there a printable user's guide to the Hero6? I don't understand many of the numbers and words that appear on the view screen on the back ot the or the one on the front. 

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Re: Hero6 did not turn off

@donnellyh58522 - It sounds like it could have gone into a time lapse mode. The camera and Karma are connected, but the camera may not have turned off. Not sure if you removed the HERO6 from the Karma or not, but if you did, it is very possible the camera may have gone into a standby mode and reactivated while you were packing it up.


The multiple duplicate shots sounds like the camera took bursts. 


There is a user manual that you can print for more info on all of these settings. Our manuals are at



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Re: Hero6 did not turn off

I powered down my drone and, came back quite a bit later and saw that the camera was on, battery low.  I have removed the camera from the case/gimble and the mode button is unresponsive - I cannot power it down.  It is also warm to the touch.  This is a brand new - I have not even flown it yet. Can you tell me what is going on?

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Re: Hero6 did not turn off

Same this happens to my new hero6 black (no drone). When I turn it off, it immediately turns back on. If I leave it sitting, it turns itself off from inactivity, but then immediately turns itself back on. This causes it to beep every 15 - 20 minutes, all day. The only option seems to be removing the battery.
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Re: Hero6 did not turn off

Here's a video of it turning itself back on
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Re: Hero6 did not turn off

Go into preferences on the camera and perform a full reset. Once done, remove the SD card and battery. Put the SD card (it should be a SanDisk Extreme v30, Extreme Plus v30, or Extreme Pro v30 (v30 needs to be printed on the card) into your computer. Perform a FULL (not quick) format of the SD card. Download and extract the UPDATE firmware folder. Put the UPDATE folder (not onto the blank SD card. Eject the card and put it into your camera. Power the camera on with the side Mode button and allow the camera to update.