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Hero6 charging issues and poor battery performance in cold weather

The camera will not charge to 100% (appears to be a known issue), and red charging light does not turn off, even after several hours.  Then the unit will not turn on, and needs to be reset by holding in the mode button for 8-10 seconds.  At this point I usually see a charge level of around 85%.  When I'm using it outside (lately in 20-30 F temps), the camera will turn off suddenly as though the battery is depleted (but I had seen it at around 50-60%).  Sometimes am able to turn it back on, and the battery level shows 1% before turning off again.  But when the camera is warmed up again, it will turn on and the show a battery level of 50% for example.  So the battery is not depleted.  This has happened several times in the last few days.  My GoPro Session5 continues to work perfectly under the same conditions.

I have the latest firmware (1.6) and recommended memory card.  Have only had the camera a couple of weeks, so can't say it used to work properly.  Has anyone else seen this behaviour - could the camera have a defective battery or charging unit ?

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Re: Hero6 charging issues and poor battery performance in cold weather

The thing with the battery annoys me totally.

Every cheap china **bleep** charges and indicates that the battery is full.

But my 500 Euro expensive GoPro can not do that. Great construction!


@ GoPro: Is it so difficult to publish at least a small update that at least fixes the problem with the charging of the battery? Something like V1.61 maybe?