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Re: Hero6 Black - No 'Video + Photo' mode?

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A little knowledge is more often than not more dangerous than no knowledge.

Stills taken from videos I have taken are quite poor in comparison, especially when I am on my bike. I tried to capture a screenshot of a car registration that was behaving dangerously on the road, the only way I could record it was be watching the video repeatedly (I only got a quick glance at it) as it was too blurry on the extracted photo.

Yes, I understand that I probably wouldn't have captured the photo at the right tiem anyhow if it was taking photos at intervals, the point above is just to highlight how poor the quality is in comparison.
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Re: Hero6 Black - No 'Video + Photo' mode?

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Perhaps it depends on the program you are using to grab the screenshot. If you can see the detail in the video, there is no reason to not be able to see it in the frame grab. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and export frame grabs as tiff and they have the same clarity as the video with no loss in detail.