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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

I have the same problem. I am not able to connect my Nexus 5 with GoPro Hero 6 via 5 GHz band.
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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

I meant Nexus 7 sorry
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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

Seems the mods didn't like my post and deleted it so here it is again, and I will continue to post this so feel free to remove it as many times as you like, it won't just go away.


Just spoke with them on chat and they seemed completely clueless to the problem and passed it off as 'Some countries do not allow it', then how am I sitting here right now using 5Ghz wifi on my PC and phone? 


( 8m 18s ) Beatriz: My name is Beatriz. How can I help you?
( 9m 39s ) Visitor: Hi, I recently sent my GoPro Hero 6 back under warranty, partly because the 5Ghz wifi wasn't working at all. I've just got it back and it still doesn't work, having searched the forums it seems I'm not the only one and it is because the GoPro is broadcasting on an illegal wifi channel for any country outside of the USA -
( 9m 47s ) Beatriz: Hi
( 10m 9s ) Visitor: I would like to know when this will be fixed as it's currently a big broken feature 
( 12m 15s ) Beatriz: This feature is not available in some countries due to the countries law
( 12m 36s ) Beatriz: Some Countries, use 5Ghz for military reasons and restrict the usage
( 13m 25s ) Visitor: I'm not sure you're understanding the issue here. The issue isn't that it's using 5Ghz, it's because it's using the channel 161 on 5Ghz which is not supported by any country in Europe (I'm in the UK).
( 14m 9s ) Visitor: Please read the topic I linked, it explains the issue in full.
( 14m 30s ) Beatriz: I understand now
( 15m 2s ) Beatriz: Unfortunately some Countries do not allow it
( 15m 49s ) Visitor: Again, it has nothing to do with 'Some countries do not allow it'. It is because the GoPro is using a channel that isn't supported by the vast majority of the world. All it requires is a simple firmware update to change the channel depending on region.
( 16m 37s ) Beatriz: Like I am trying to explain Tim, some countries do not allow this for either military reasons or their own laws do not allow it
( 17m 4s ) Visitor: I'm using 5ghz on my phone and PC as we speak, the GoPro is broken nothing to do with my country of my Wifi
( 17m 56s ) Beatriz: There is no issue with the GoPro
( 18m 6s ) Visitor: Could you forward me to a manager or someone higher up? Not to be rude but I don't think you're quite understanding
( 18m 13s ) Beatriz: A manager is not going to be able to give you a different solution
( 18m 24s ) Visitor: I would like to try please
( 20m 33s ) Beatriz: one second please
( 25m 25s ) Beatriz: The manager will contact you tomorrow, by email
( 26m 3s ) Visitor: Ok, thank you, I will wait to hear from them. 

Also checked the law in the UK, to use anything above channel 140 you require a license!


I've no idea how GoPro have been allowed to even distribute this without meeting basic electrical device requirments, the GoPro 6 is currently illegal to use in the UK on 5Ghz at this time without a license. Very close to just requesting a full refund at this point, this company is falling apart. 

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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

I tried with a nexus 7 tablet that supports 5 GHz and nothing to do. Gopro does not connect!
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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

Twisted89, Great post! 

To bad the CS agent was so not understanding and not helpful. Hope you have better luck with the manager. 

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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

Chased them up on the phone today, got told 'no manager is in today but one will contact you as soon as possible'. Highly doubt your call centre doesn't have a single manager in but ok, give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Will call again tomorrow if I don't hear anything back and force it as high as I can, starting to lose my patience with them. 

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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

Just got a reply in the form of an email, will be requesting a full refund as they've sold me what is essentially broken hardware in the UK.



My name is Paul Domanski, as a member of the leadership team here at GoPro EMEA Support your case has been assigned to me for further clarification. First and foremost I am sorry for any confusion you may have in relation to 5GHz adhoc connections from our Hero6 camera. Not every device supports the handshake with the GoPro when in 5GHz. 

For instance, I am also from the UK and my Huawei Nova does not connect in 5GHz but my iPad and iPhone do. This is a limitation of the device and not a fault with the camera. If necessary I can make and provide you with a video showing that connection is indeed possible with 5Ghz when using a compatible device.

The following countries do not have the ability to operate on a 5GHz Wi-Fi band:
French Guiana
St Barthelemy
New Caledonia
Unfortunately, this is not something we at GoPro can control. This is why the HERO6 Black and Fusion also have a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band built in.

With regards to your comment that it is illegal to transmit using Channel 161. Actually that is indeed incorrect. Ofcom the governing body actually controls this in way of a licence much the same as having to purchase a television licence.

Band C (Channels 149 – 161)

Band C can be used with output powers of up to 4000mW (4W). There are some conditions however:
Band C can only be used for outdoor wireless
Band C can only be used for fixed wireless access (FWA) points (e.g point to point or point to multipoint links)
A light license is required for operation and must be purchased from Ofcom.
All hardware must conform to DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) standards and DFS must be enabled

Band C is 125MHz wide and allows for 4 x 20MHz channels to coincide without overlap or 2 x 40MHz channels.

Licenses For 5GHz in Band C

If you plan to use 5GHz in Band C then you will need to get yourself a licence from Ofcom stating that you have permission to do so. Currently a Band C license costs a mere £50 a year for up to 50 devices and for each additional device you want to register, it is an extra £1 per year. 

Applying for a Band C License

Firstly you need to apply for a Band C License. You can apply for one by filling in the following form

and send it to:

Ofcom Contact Centre
Riverside House
Southwark Bridge

Once authorized you will be provided with a license certificate by Ofcom. Your next step now is to register your hardware by visiting:

Once registered, you can start using Band C, but only for the devices you have registered.

As you can appreciate, we manufacture cameras to sell within the whole world, for countries that are unable to use 5GHz for any reason this option is not available on the cameras for sale in their country.

So, rest assured, there is no issue with your camera that using a compatible device will not resolve. If you have the ability to test it on one of the latest iPhones or iPads you will be able to confirm for yourself that this is fully operational on your camera.

Hopefully this clarifies everything. Do not hesitate to reply should you need anything further.


Paul D. - Manager EMEA Karma Support.
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Re: Hero6 Black 5 GHz wi-fi not working

Thank you Twisted89! 

Although, I think that the "issue" is indeed GoPro's... They can easily fix this with a better coding and a firmware update. 

I mean - we all have lots of other devices that connects properly to 5 GHz WiFi without a problem... so why shouldn't a GoPro device mange to with other than Apple products...? 


They have clearly made the Hero 6 to work better with Apple products like iPhone and iPad... and that's really frustrating from a customer view of point.