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Hero5Black Time lapse not working


 I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black and the other day I was going to do a Time-Lapse video and I I hit the record button, and it goes to record i and acts like it's recording but next to the blinking red circle, the numbers just stay at 00:00 and the number doesnt change and it use to work fine the other week but no matter how long I've done the Time-Lapes for and when I end the recording it's saved but when I and watch it, it says it's 00:00 long. Normally the number changes. This hasn't happened before it works fine with time lapes photo and night photo, but just not time lapes video. How can I fix this? I rested my whole GoPro as new but still it dosent work.

Please help me out here as this is very strange and I use time lapes video a lot.

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Re: Hero5Black Time lapse not working

@ggracegracie - What were the interval between the shots and how long did you record for? If the intervals were long and you only recorded for a few seconds, it's possible that the recording had not yet reached a full second of content yet.


Try shortening the interval and letting the recording run for a few minutes and see if the numbers start to tick up.




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Re: Hero5Black Time lapse not working

Same issue I am facing changed the interval to .5 seconds still same issue Restarted
Changes default settings