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Re: Hero5 session broken display

@boomenciano, let us know how the suggestions work for you. Alternatively, you can also let our Support team know so they can look further into options on how we can help you. You may reach them by phone or chat.

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Re: Hero5 session broken display

@aenriquez   you had charts like this   that could help @boomenciano  with the issues.  this  gets  resolved alot faster if these charts were available to have




theyno longer exist like they used to be and that is  gopro for ya 

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Re: Hero5 session broken display

Hello @fishycomics appreciate your help thank you.

How ever how will I know the passcode of the gopro once I try to pair hero5 to my phone
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Re: Hero5 session broken display

when you go into  bluetooth and del  the serial of gopro1800  (example) and forget the device,  the wifi   you do not have to do.   When you  reset back up the passcode is on the Hero 5 Sessions screen  as climb1234 (example) that is not needed  to set up the camera  at all, because  the  camera will communicate to your phone and do it automatically.


Now on the other hand if you are wanting to use an additional phone or other device then you may need climb1234.   Because the  camera may  or may not do it automatically?


You can check the  sdxc  cards misc folder to see if the serial and password are on that?


   Why do you think you need the password  to load on????