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Hero5 Timelapse video scambles!?

Hi GoPro support,


When I shoot timelapse-video on the GoPro Hero 5 Black, 50% of the time the video is 'scrambled'!? See attachment as an example (and I have plenty more). Now I have lots of unusable timelapse video's and I can't have this on a proffesional level :(

It seems to be an internal problem since there are picture-lines out of order, the hero5 is running on the latest firmware (always).

Otherwise the camera is working perfect and I'm very pleased with it!


Hope to hear from you soon and I'm interested if anyone else has had this problem...




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Re: Hero5 Timelapse video scambles!?

Hi @emilf540,


That is certainly not normal. Is the camera up to date? What SD Card are you using? Do you see this in any other mode or just Timelapse?


It may be best to reach out to our Support Team directly:




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Re: Hero5 Timelapse video scambles!?

Hi Ryan,



Thanks for replying!


My thoughts exacly; run a firmware update and let the Hero5 format the SD-card and start shooting. I tried this with two firmware versions and about 5 different SD-cards: same thing happens. And it's unnoticable on the small preview screen and seems to uccur less in the very last FW I updated to, I'll have to walk through lots of files to check.


I tried with three of my "Scandisk Extreme PLUS 64GB Class 3" cards. I especially keep my cards (and one reserve) seperated per camera and never swap during shooting. Later I swapped them with the same type cards I use in my Sony camera's for photo and 4K video, with never any problems. 


And no, video and photography works fine in all resolutions and speeds. Video usually programmed with protune and stabisation on and in Linear view*. And never had issues with time- and nightlapse sessions, wich are all awesom features by the way, loved them since the hero4...!


*Linear view: the Timelapse video problem seems to be an error caused by the renderer and my thoughts dwell to this now:
maybe when video set to Linear view the timelapse video screws up... I switch alot in between Superview (chest mount) and Linear (fixed video shots). And because of the fact that I also have good rendered timelapse videos it's worth testing I guess.


Hope we can solve this little bug.


P.S. 1: Are you also developing nightlapse video in the next FW? That would be aswm.

P.S. 2: Can you add an option NOT to create preview files in the settings menu? Or ask to view in Player? That would save a fair amount of disk space every day and be +1 more aswm then P.S.1 Just saying. :)



Greetings from Eindhoven!