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Hero5 Session recording time in each video setting?

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I'm considering getting a Hero5 Session, however key (to me) specifications appears to be unavailable. 


For my Hero4 Black there is a page with all the different bitrates:


That page is very useful to me. I can't seem to find the same information for the Hero5 Session from, except conflicting reports on other websites. 


Specifically, what is the bitrate for the Hero5 Session set to 2.7K + 25fps + Wide + Protune + stabilization? My Hero4 Black will record at 45 Mbps with these settings (except stabilization of course), which is very important to me for when I need more than 4 (or so) hours from a 128 Gb card.


Trouble is, one source in the internet claims that the Hero5 Session will record at 60 Mbps with these settings?

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Re: Hero5 Session recording time in each video setting?

I will also have a 4 hour journey next week so it is a very crucial information that I cannot understand why it has not been announced among the specs of this camera. 


I need to buy the sd card according to it. 


Waiting for the reply. Thanks!

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Re: Hero5 Session recording time in each video setting?

I contacted support and apparently they don't have the answer.


First I was pointed to an external website with information on the Hero5 Black, which should be similar, apparently.


My question was also forwarded internally, and after a few weeks the final answer I got was that the Hero5 Session should be similar to the information I linked to in my previous post on the Hero4 Black (which is not the same as the Hero5 Black).


So in the end, very inconclusive. Let's hope they do better with the next generation of cameras.


Obviously, I'm not making a purchase until I know that it will be an improvement over my Hero4 Black.


Gopro if you're listening: H.265. It doesn't have to be available at the highest resolutions.