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Hero5 Black vs Hero7 Black video recording fps

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I have a Hero5 black. I'm thinking the upgrade. But!

Nowhere to find on this official Hero7 full product descriptions/details like another site (and the old gopro site). Joke.

I would like to know the new Hero7 is allow to record on 720p at 25/30 fps? No! Same as the Hero6. :(

The question is: Why is not working on 720p/25 fps? The Hero5 is including this fps.

The main fact is the 25fps smaller file size than 50 fps. It's good and enough for simple record to any action, short videos. I don't want to edit, cut or anything. Just record and copy to disk. The 50fps is a "huge" data and unnecessary.

The Hero software/firmware what is not allow to choose of this fps.

Please put it in 720p at 25/30 fps.

I found this compersion list and I don't know why is not included. This is not a (new) big feature.

The video formats picture:


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Re: Hero5 Black vs Hero7 Black video recording fps

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Hello @gabork27337. The HERO7 Black cannot record a video in 720p at 25/30 fps. This article  presents a detailed comparison among the HERO7 cameras. 

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Re: Hero5 Black vs Hero7 Black video recording fps

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We know that! Your answer is not new. Its fact.

Its a huge mistake and missing feature.