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Hero5 Black Freezing

Received the camera yesterday,

Charged it fully,

updated the firmware with the software on pc

started recording videos and taking pictures to try it out today

I noticed the camera froze very randomly, making it impossible to do anything for several minutes. The lcd goes black, and the front remains frozen. Pressing the power button does nothing.

The SD card is a high standart Lexar pro 32go.


Since this issue appears randomly, it's hard to find a pattern!


Anybody experiencing the same thing?

Any solution?

I still have 14days to return from amazon which i may sadly use...

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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Same here friend in the first 10 mins of use. But mine turned off and simply died forever after freeze. I have 2 bateries, tried the second one full charged and nothing... If I plug it in the computer or try to charge it, nothing happens, no lights, nothing.


I am returning it today since I am traveling in 2 days and just bought it for my trip. 


Frustrating after waiting so long for the GoPro 5 lauching date. Waste of time...

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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Same exact issue. Turned on initially and now completely dead after trying multiple times to charge it

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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Mine froze while watching video playback three times. Had to remove battery to get it working again. I changed SD card from a sandisk extreme to a sandisk extreme plus and have not had any problems so far.

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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Hi folks, 


I'm sorry to hear that you're running into these issues and would really like to help. There are a couple different issues posted about in this thread. 


If your camera is freezing, make sure to run an update to its firmware and also to factory reset it in the Preferences menu of the camera. Also, be sure to use a recommended card from our approved list HERE


If your camera is not powering on, there could be a variety of things going on. The quickest thing to try is always to remove the battery and reinsert it to see if you can then turn the camera on. You can also try removing both the battery and the SD card, and reinserting just the battery. Beyond that, it's good to make sure that you are charging the camera properly; you should see JUST a red light on the camera, no moving battery symbol on the screen, when charging the camera, and the camera itself should be powered off with nothing on the front screen at that time. Make sure to try multiple charging cables and charging sources as well. 



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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Can't turn hero 5 on suddenly just stopped working when it was 75% charged - have removed battery SD card charged different outlets held down buttons for ? Reset nothing working - this is 11 days old - called go pro and they didn't offer any troubleshooting just said they'd replace it
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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

yeah. it also happen to my gp5. the screen just freezes .just blank screen. sometimes it can be turned off sometimes i actually must remove the battery to turn it on again. also the battery status sometimes drain. when i turned it off and on again it came back to normal. i think this problem is widely spread. can someone tell wth is happening?? is it hardware or software. how we can actually get the company's attention about this matter. i hope i did not spend my money for a piece of waste.

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Re: Hero5 Black Freezing

Read the topic. have you tried  formatting your sdxc card in your  pc first, then  in the camera and   is it a recommended sdxc card? 


reflash  firmware manually , and if fails   either try anotehr card or return the camera. and try a new camera if it continues then its the card and not the camera a expensive option to do if asked