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Hero4 sesion + Gopro Fusion studio

My Hero4 session does not work with the Gopro Fusion Studio editor?, which program should I download to edit videos with my camera? Before the Gopro Studio programI worked well but,  it stopped working.

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Re: Hero4 sesion + Gopro Fusion studio


Hi @miguelat0


Fusion Studio will work on files taken with the Fusion camera.

For your HERO4 Session files, you can download Quik for Desktop.

You may also use other editing software like Davinci Resolve,  Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Elements, and Apple's iMovie and Final Cut X. 

I hope this helps.




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Re: Hero4 sesion + Gopro Fusion studio

I´m Sorry, you do not give the support for old cameras as my Hero session, works perfectly and I'm not going to change.  When I bought it, you had a program to edit videos very valid Gopro Studio, now you do not have it. Controlled obsolescence maybe?

The Quik program does not cover the expectations.

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Re: Hero4 sesion + Gopro Fusion studio


Hi @miguelat0,


GoPro Studio already reached its End of Support.

It was replaced with GoPro Quik so that you can also access it on your mobile and it's easier to use.


Fusion Studio is made for GoPro Fusion a 360 camera. 


You may install other software such as VSDC or Adobe Premiere. 

If you have Mac you may try FinalCut Pro X.