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Hero3 videos choppy after editing

Hi Everyone,


So I have this massive problem. I have hours of recorded videos from my last holiday and i wanted to edit everything together to one movie. Ive done this many times before using iMovie without absolutely any problems.


Videos I have problems with are 1920x1080, 47.95 fps

Camera: Hero3


It is all very strange and frustrating. When I import videos to iMovie they play absolutely fine when I play them from section where all media are stored. Problem starts when I move them to timeline. Playback is choppy. Looks like video is losing some frames. When I export video to file from iMovie its stays choppy. Original clips, straight from camera, before editing play absolutely fine in all kinds of players. Problems start during editing.


The problem doesn't exist with videos from other holidays or trips. Everything works very smoothly and without any problems. The problems applies only to that last batch of videos.


The videos that dont cause any problems are 1920x1080 and 29.97 fps


So the only difference between them is frame rate. Could that be a problem ? Does anyone know how it could be fixed ?


Nothing seems to help so far. Even if I put 2 clips together in GoPro Studio, the effect is the same. they come out choppy.

I tried couple of different editors and effect is the same.

I tried converting clips to different formats, different quality etc. Nothing seems to help.


Its not a hardware problem. I got the same results on 2 different quite powerful Macs


Please let me know if anyone had the same problem and if anyone has any idea what is wrong and how to fix it.


Thank you so much.