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Hero3 White Firmware update/version not recognized by Quik/Desktop app

Hi -

We purchased a new GoPro Hero 3 for our son to experiment, our first GoPro.  I’ve been going through the setup process and trying to get the camera ready for him to use, and I am having trouble with the Quik app (Mac version) following a firmware update to the camera.  I successfully updated the camera (Serial number HD3WA051368728F) to the latest indicated firmware (looks like HD3.09-firmware.bin and WF3.01-app.bin).  The camera seems to work fine, the new wifi settings are applied, and the camera declared success for the firmware update.  However, following the update, the Quik app (Mac version now reports
1) Upon mount of the camera, “New update available for your Hero3-White Edition.  Get Update” which directs me to the update page for the firmware I just installed.
2) Under SD card settings, I see the camera properly named, but it reports: "CAMERA FIRMWARE Version null"
3) When I look at the SD card contents, under MISC/version.txt, I have a file that contains:
  "info version":"1.1",
  "firmware version":"HD3.01.00.80",
  "wifi version": "",
  "wifi bootloader version": "0.2.2",
  "wifi mac":"d8:96:85:68:72:8f",
  "camera type":"Hero3-White Edition",
I’m not sure if this matters at all, but I can’t tell if the app is giving me all the options/settings it’s supposed to for this model of camera.
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Re: Hero3 White Firmware update/version not recognized by Quik/Desktop app

@andersoj - Best option here is to do a manual update on the GoPro's firmware just to be sure it loaded in completely. The manual update instructions are at


Note that the HERO3 cameras are updated a little differently than our other models. To be sure it loads in, I recommend putting the Update folder in the root directory on your SD card like you'd normally do AND put a copy of the files in the Update folder on their own in the root directory as well. That way, the camera can read either the files in the top level or in the Update folder.


If that doesn't do it, our team at can help.



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Re: Hero3 White Firmware update/version not recognized by Quik/Desktop app

Hi @jefft -


Thanks for the pointers.  I tried another manual update from scratch this time, with a freshly formatted and blank SD card, and with the UPDATE folder at the root, as well as all the UPDATE/ files copied to the root folder.  While this didn't appear to clear up the issue, I did see one more behavior change -- the status indicator in Quik showing SD Card Capacity now shows a percentage of space consumed instead of just showing "0% used", which it was showing before even when the SD card was half full of videos and photos.


I'll contact the support folks.  I tried emailing but it appears from my entry point to support is either chat or a phone call during business hours?  Thanks!


Merry Christmas.