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Hero3+ Black wifi problems

Two different wifi problems with my Hero3+ Black:  When I turn on the wifi, I can't connect to it.  And once it's turned on, I can't turn off the wifi.  And I just completed the firmware + wifi update, which didn't help either problem.


When I turn on the wifi, the blue light flashes and the wifi icon appears on the LCD display above the Power/Mode button.  I can see that the wifi signal is being sent out - WIfiAnalyzer on my Android phone shows a strong signal with my GoPro's wifi name.   And the GoPro app eventually sees a camera by that name, but won't connect.  I deleted all the old cameras from the app, and I definitely have the password right.


Wifi turns on when I push the button, and the blue light flashes.  But when I push and hold the wifi button to turn off the wifi, the camera flashes and beeps but the wifi doesn't shut off.  Blue light keeps flashing, icon on LCD display is still visible, and WifiAnalyzer still shows my camera wifi.  THe only way to get it to stop is to remove the GoPro battery.


Has anybody else had this  condition?  Any ideas as to how to fix it?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!


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Re: Hero3+ Black wifi problems

Well.  I posted the message and kept monkeying with the camera.  Suddenly it started working.  I can connect with my phone, control using the GoPro app, and even turn off the wifi now!


While I am happy that after weeks of fiddling, I have a working GoPro again.  The frustrating part is that I don't know what I did to make it finally cooperate...