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Hero3 Black - Just shuts off while recording.

This is a head scratcher.


Camera setup back stage over the podium to capture audience applause for video edit.  Battery in it, USB power connection run to it via a power tap and extension cord.  WiFi enabled to an android phone for monitoring the view and starting and stopping the camera at master control.


Recording 1080/60 to a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card.  Nothing out of the ordinary.


Five or six minutes into the show the camera stopped recording and powered down, including the WiFi.  Phone obviously just indicates lost connection. 


During the break climbed up there, turned it back on, activated the WiFi, synced the phone again, no problem.  10 or 12 minutes into the next session, same thing, just shut off.


Running the most current firmware of course which at this point is nearly 3 years old.  Updated the firmware and WiFi again today just for the heck of it.  No change, records for a few minutes and then just shuts off.


SD card is always reformatted in the camera before each project so no corrupt files or anything on there.


When I set the camera up without WiFi and manually hit the record button it just keeps recording away, nearly two hours now.


Any thoughts?


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Hero3 Black - Just shuts off while recording.

Running a series of tests again on this camera today, different SD card, same odd results. Roll of the dice anytime I have to use this camera.