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Hero + LCD keeps rebooting when SD card is inserted

Can someone please help 

Go Pro is 18 months old 

Has been used on 2 trips  scuba diving and thats it

On my second trip I got some great pics using a Sanddisk Ultra 64gb  I had used this on my precvious dive trip 

I recharged the Go Pro and when I turned it back on it kept rebooting.

It was stuck in this loop and because I was overseas I wasnt sure what to do 

I called Go Pro and a lady in Malysia was very nice and help me figure out what the probelm could be.

The camera would stay on with no SD card inserted.

So she concluded that this wasn't the recommended SD card so that I needed to buy an sanddisk "extreme " so she could do a firmware update.

SO I borrowed my friends Hero 3 and used my SD card for the rest of the triip with no problems

I ordered a new 128gb extreme for when I got home

THis did not work either and another lady from Malaysia said this was not the correct card either. 

So I then order the 64gb ssnaddisk extrme ( $70 worth of cards later )

Guess what 

This did not work . We tried for hours to update the firmware with all cards.  As soon as you put a card in the camera it says busy even with no power turned on and it will sit there all day , until you power up then it just reboots.

The 3rd lady says the camera is faulty and out of warranty. But she did send me a $100 coupon ( which are all over the net ) off a new Hero 7 

Why would I buy a new camera when I have one thats very new and does not work. 

She said there are no repair techs that could help me.  I feel very let down from what I believed what a very high quality prioduct from a very large dependable company 

If there is anyone out there that can offer any advive ( beside throw my camera in the thrash) I would really apprecite it .


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Re: Hero + LCD keeps rebooting when SD card is inserted

Hi @supersurf16333,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. If the issue only appears to be happening when an SD card is inserted in the camera, it's either the SD card or your camera's SD card slot that could be causing the problem.

Since you've already tried a few recommended SD cards, try formatting the miscroSD card on your computer using the instructions here.

Once done with the format, try to manually reinstall the firmware update again following the steps below:

If the camera does not initiate the update, it can be because the camera is not recognizing the update on the SD card. You will want to make sure to follow all of the instructions as outlined on the GoPro website's update page to ensure no steps are being missed. I do also have some suggestions here that should help get the update working as well.

  • Make sure the UPDATE folder is unzipped/extracted, before placing it on the SD card. If the folder is compressed, the camera will not be able to read it;
  • Ensure the UPDATE folder does not have any additional characters in the folder title, i.e. "UPDATE (1)". The camera will only recognize a folder titled "UPDATE", in upper case letters with no additional characters;
  • Format the SD card before placing the update folder/files onto the root of the card (format on your PC / Mac, or DELETE ALL files in the camera's Delete menu);
  • Be sure to place the individual files within the UPDATE folder on the root level of the SD card.
  • Once you have the necessary file(s) placed on the SD card, unplug it from the computer and insert the microSD card into your camera. Once it's plugged in, power on the camera. The update should automatically initiate. 


Should you still experience the same issue after going through the suggested troubleshooting steps, please let our Support team know so they can look into options for you. You may reach them by phone or chat

Kind Regards,


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Re: Hero + LCD keeps rebooting when SD card is inserted

Thank you for your help Ann

I have tried the update at least 12 times with 4 different techs and 4 different SD cards( All these sd cards work in other go pro cameras I should add.)


Once a card is inserted into the gopro even if it is off it says busy on the front screen .  It stays on for 7 seconds and off for 2 all day if you let it.  I am sure the camera is faulty.


I am just disappointed that I have only used it 7 times and now it is unusable . 


And there is no where to send it to get it fixed unless you wish to pay more than the camera is worth.  Go Pro seems to have washed their hands of it . 


But i do appreciate the response 



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Re: Hero + LCD keeps rebooting when SD card is inserted

@supersurf16333, thanks for going through the suggested troubleshooting steps. It seems that there could be a fault in your camera's SD card slot. We definitely want to help out as best as we can. If you let our Support team know about the issue and the troubleshooting steps already taken, they can look further into options on how we can extend our assistance for you. You may reach them by phone or chat

Your time and patience throughout this process are very much appreciated.

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Re: Hero + LCD keeps rebooting when SD card is inserted


Thanks again


Their only help on phone or chat is to offer me $100 off a new Hero 7 which I am against doing since I just spent $400 + on Hero + with accessories and sd cards so hav enow faith in a hero 7 either if the tech service is the same as before