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Hero £ Black

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4:14 AM
I have taken several video clips at resolutions of 1080, 1440 and 2.7k.
I have also varied the frame rate but not yet tried 100fps.
I have varied the aspect ratio and switched off stabilisation.
After seven different settings, I must conclude that the Hero 7 Black is a little lemon.
My iphone X takes better video at 1080 at 60fps at 16:9 than the Hero 7.
It was suggested on here that my iMac is too old to cope with the data speed of the Hero 7 (it's a 2010 27" iMac).
However, the iMac copes easily with the video from the iPhone X at 1080 and 60fps with 16:9 aspect ratio.
The video taken on the Hero 7 is grainy, mottled, out of focus and at 2.7k started to wobble.
I could accept that with the Hero7 at 2.7k, my ancient (2010) iMac might be too slow to cope, but not at the other resolutions and frame rates.
I am extremely disappointed with this Hero 7 Black and wish I'd stuck with the Hero 4 Black which was superb quality, but no stabilisation.
I've tried video clips without stabilisation on the Hero7 thinking that maybe there's a trade-off, but there was no difference in quality, apart from the shaking , which is to be expected.
My conclusion is that unfortunately, the Hero 7 Black is not fit for purpose.
I'll post some experimental clips in the attachment box below of video taken whilst driving,cycling and then to compare, a video whilst recreational skiing taken with my Hero 4 Black.
Please excuse the local humour re Brexit!
The videos are on Youtube links. The quality is the same on the Mac. Good from the Hero 4 but terrible from the H7.
I think you will agree the difference in quality is very obvious.
There are also some work (teaching) videos taken with the iPhone X and edited in iMovie, as were the GoPro clips.


Hero 4

iPhone X - Obviously the iphone X videos were stationary so don't have the problem of fps at speed/action, but the resolution is still far superior to the Hero7

All the videos are from two of my Youtube channels and were made using iMovie running on OS High Sierra.
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Re: Hero £ Black

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We appreciate you including sample videos showing the issue, @rob335 . From your previous posts we see that you have already manually updated your camera and is using a recommended SD card. Since this is the case and you are still experiencing picture/video quality issues with your camera, the next path forward is to connect with our Support team. This way, they will be able to walk you through the next steps. You may reach the team through and you can direct them to this thread so they can also refer to the videos you posted. It would help as well to have your camera and camera information handy. Thanks!

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Re: Hero £ Black

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Ok thanks.
Here's a comparative video taken with the Hero 4.
Whilst it's obviously very shaky because of no stabilisation the actual quality of the images is far superior.

Thanks for your response I will contact the support team at the link you provided.
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Re: Hero £ Black

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When I watch the HERO7 Black videos the max resolution I can choose is 720p. But, when I watch the other videos (HERO4 & iPhone) I get 1080p. What are your export settings? Did you record with H.264 or HEVC with the HERO7 Black. What sequence settings did you use to edit your video? Can you upload non edited footage from all three?
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Re: Hero £ Black

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Hi Daniel ,
I found that recently I cannot choose upload quality from my iMac as there is no option to do so in the YouTube upload window or in YouTube settings from the Mac.
However I can upload in 1080 from my iPhone, which is all a bit odd I know, but nevertheless that's what I'm finding.
I used to be able to choose upload quality from the Mac on the YouTube site but that is no longer the case and I don't understand why.
However all the videos from the hero seven were uploaded via my iPhone over home WiFi which is set to upload at 1080.
Even though the videos were uploaded at 1080, the maximum resolution I can watch them in is 720, which again I don't understand why that should be the case.
I think the go pro settings are H260 not HEVC but I'll check later on.
What difference would that make?
I can't upload non-edited footage because I deleted them from my SD card.
The Internet speed of my Wi-Fi is the same as it's always been - around 15 to 16 MBS.
Thanks for your reply .
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Re: Hero £ Black

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Also, I don't know what you mean by 'sequence settings'.
Is that on the Mac or the hero seven?
On the Mac I upload from the SD card straight to the Mac into iMovie and then drag the files into the editing box.

I don't alter any parameters whatsoever apart from adding titles and splicing clips together with transitions and adding some soundtrack.
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Re: Hero £ Black

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I've just made another test clip at speed in the car but this time changed the FPS to 100.
I haven't edited it yet, but so far it seems far higher quality (moving images) then all the previous test clips.
It now seems the same quality as the Hero4 used to produce.
Although I never set the Hero 4 at 100 FPS.
Anyway, when I've edited it, if it still is better than the previous clips I'll post it on here.
I hope it's the case because if it is, then I have solved the problem.
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Re: Hero £ Black

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Unfortunately, the upload from both the iMac and iPhone X ( Upload setting from iPhone on the YouTube site was at 1080) made no improvements to the quality of playback.
YouTube will not allow higher res playback than 720.
This is very very annoying.
Next step is to contact YouTube to attempt to sort out the problem.
I'm also going to contact the GoPro support link.

Why does it take so long to sort out an issue in this day and age of IT ?

Why is there no direct info or indeed phone number so it's possible to talk to an expert?

Forums are less than helpful.

What's necessary is direct contact with an expert who knows how to solve a problem.