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Hero Black 6 Battery doesn't charge... Here's a solution

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I'm Fred from France.


Since the Hero 6 Black v02.01 firmware update, many people encounter problems charging their battery through USB cable : the red led switches on and goes off after few seconds. The battery never charges..... As everyone having this problem i tested different USB chargers and cables... charging thru PC USB connection, but none worked.

I've searched the web for a long time with no success, and i finally decided to go back to 1.60.00 firmware version.

Instantly after the downgrade my camera was able to charge the battery : the red led remains on until the battery is 100% charged.


I found the link to older firmware versions here :


direct download link here :


Of course doing this downgrade i reverted to older firmware possibly getting ancient bugs, but in my case not beeing able to charge my battery is an unacceptable bug and i prefer "smaller" bugs....


The way i updated the firmware is a manual update documented on gopro's website (copying the UPDATE folder to the microSD card...)


A word to Gopro compagny.

A buggy product may be acceptable if the compagny selling you the product does it's best to correct the bugs.

When you release a version and plenty of you costumers instantly complain about the same problem.... Aren't you able to just think something is perhaps wrong with your release ???

Your products are really not cheap are they ?


Please compare the two versions and fix this charging bug : no new version for hero 6 black has been released since 2018-02-27 !!!


I posted this message not only to complain but to let people know there's a solution... Even if it's not perfect.