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Hero 9 spontaneously switches from timewarp to normal speed recording

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Apparently, my updated Hero 9 just spontaneously switched from 4k 10x timewarp to normal speed at the 3:32 playback mark. I get home from this incrdible bike ride, download my files and play them back -- it was a 2 hour real-time recording, and 3:30 into the timewarp playback, it just abruptly switches to normal speed along with audio and everything. A particuarly choppy, not at all smooth normal speed. What the heck? A strikingly similar thing happened to this person with their hero 8, all that i can glean from the post is someone gave the ol' "make sure your updated" help.


This hero 9 is one glitch and disspaointment after another. Its awesome when it works, but i am shocked at how infrequently that is. Im using a a SanDisk extreme plus recommended SD card, the firmware is up tod ate, ive done past facotry resets and formating resets because this isnt the first software malfunction. I guess my concern is -- these things keep happening. I keep losing incredible footage. As a user, its incredinly frusterating. This is my first GoPro camera and I am astounded at how unrealiable it has been.

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Re: Hero 9 spontaneously switches from timewarp to normal speed recording

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Sounds like you activated the normal speed portion of time warp. Time warp is not timelapse - Timewarp has a feature when you touch the screen that makes it go from "timelapse" to normal speed so you can focus an a particular feature.