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Hero 9 image quality - is it poor because of me or ...?

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Hey all


I received my GoPro Hero 9 black this week and set it up for cinematic videos. When I look at the footage then it looks grainy, noisy.. even videos shot outdoors. Granted, there is very little light up north and today is cloudy but still this gets me worried.


I'm even not going to talk about indoor footage.


I've added a few grabs form a 5k video shot with 30 fps, shutter speed 1/60, iso between 100 and 800, flat color profile and medium sharpness. First grab when i was walking, second one while standing.


Are my settings wrong or how should i proceed?videograb.jpg




I've also uploaded the raw video to youtube, only difference is that its downscaled to 4k in FCPX.



thanks for any tips, recommendations