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Hero 9: iPhone and WiFi, impossible to connect

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iPhone 11 and iOS 14.1: issues connecting gopro app to Hero 9 using WiFi. 90% of time i get: impossible to connect to GoPro Hero 9 WiFi. To make connection working, I’ve to click power on button for 8 seconds, wait for gopro to reboot and then it works, but only for the first attempt. Then I’ve to do again the same, if I want to connect the GoPro app to Hero 9.
I’ve tried also using an iPhone XR running iOS 14.0. The result is the same.
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Re: Hero 9: iPhone and WiFi, impossible to connect

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@neorf, make sure that you have the latest version of the GoPro App installed. If the issue persists, please try the following suggested steps accordingly:

  1. Allow GoPro through the Local Network settings. On iPhone go to Settings > GoPro > enable Local Network (If enabled, disable and re-enable) go back to GoPro App, and try connecting again.
  2. Reboot your iPhone. Especially if you’ve just updated to the new iOS 14, it’s always a good idea to reboot your phone and try again.
  3. Disable Mac address. This is especially true if you see “No internet connection” when trying to connect to your GoPro Camera. Open Settings app > then go to “Wi-Fi” > find your GoPro camera’s network > tap the "i" button next to the network > toggle the switch for “Private Address” to the Off position.
  4. You can always Forget the Wi-Fi and try re-joining > to do this, you may need to go into the back of your GoPro LCD and under “Camera Info” get your GoPro’s Wi-Fi password and manually enter it.


If you continue to experience issues, could you please share with us a screenshot or recording showing the problem? Kindly tell us more about your workflow as well.