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Hero 9 gps not working, screen flickering, problems with return/ getting a refund...

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I would highly recommend not buying the Hero 9 at this time. I received one that is very problematic. The gps does not work, It does not record in 5k as advertised. When I called customer support they said they were sending another one expediated, they never sent one. I have called multiple times and been told they are waiting for an update from their "internal team". Lets be clear, this is the company that minimizes their replacement policy online to seem easy. This replacement has been an absolute nightmare. All this happened within the first few days of owning the camera. Therefore you are purchasing at your ow risk.



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Re: Hero 9 gps not working, screen flickering, problems with return/ getting a refund...

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Have you updated your GoPro to the latest firmware?  The latest firmware fixes GPS issues that the GoPro had.


How are you trying to display the GPS data?  Currently the only software from GoPro that does this is the GoPro Mobile App.  


Did you obtain a GPS signal BEFORE you started recording?


What do you mean the GP9 doesn't record in 5K?  Are you not able to select the 5K option?  Are you seeing a max resolution of 2.7k?  If so, then you may have enabled the Max Lens Mod mode by mistake and the top resolution the Max Lens Mod supports is 2.7K.


The top resolution and frame rate the GoPro supports in 5K is 30FPS.  If you're trying to record at a faster frame rate then the resolution can support, then your next top resolution will be 4K.